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How To Choose A Sofa For A Beautiful House

Choose a sofa for your home

When deciding to decorate the interior with a sofa, the homeowner should pay attention to factors such as the color, material and design of the sofa to suit.

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Today, many people choose to decorate the interior space of their family with a sofa. It is undeniable that the sofa has brought elegance and class to space, but if you do not know how to choose the right sofa, the owner may be disappointed not less.

In this article, Vietnam Real Estate will share some tips for choosing a sofa for the interior of the bench, please refer to offline!

Choose the color of the sofa for the beautiful interior

Most people prefer a softer, single-color sofa (cream, beige, blue, gray, black) or light but lighter colors. Some people who prefer a more rebellious style may choose colors and patterns – this should be considered because if you are not a good visual person, your interior design will. The house became a mess, and at the same time, the sofa no longer retains its original elegance.

Choose a sofa for your home
Single color sofas are a safe choice for indoor furniture

Special attention should be paid to sofas with stripes, square or oval or floral motifs. Looking through, the plaid design looks very simple; The floral pattern is unique and quite vintage, but after placement in your home, it will make the interior of the house look like a matrix with a lot of chaos. Of course, they are not bad at all, but it is the way of coordinating the motifs with each other or with the surrounding objects that make the whole cannot be eaten.

Choose a sofa for your home
Keep in mind when choosing a square sofa

Choose a sofa material to match the interior design

At present, there are 4 sofa materials most commonly used in interior design: leather sofas, fabrics, felt and wood. Each type of material has different advantages and disadvantages.

Leather sofa

Leather items are always luxurious, noble, durable due to impermeability – and leather sofas are no exception. In leather sofa production, there are two main types of leather: leather and industrial leather, in which industrial leather is cheaper, less durable but colors are bright and varied.

However, leather sofas are only available in monochrome or simple color schemes, without unique patterns or textures. This can be considered a small limitation of the leather sofa if the homeowner wants to create a nice look for the interior.

Choose a sofa for your home
Luxury leather sofa and noble

Fabric Sofa

Cloth fabric used outside wrapping should be diverse in color, design. When buying a nice house and decorating the space, you can choose canvas sofa, canvas, velvet fabric. Because of the variety of styles and prices that fabric sofa can fit many customers.

However, the fabric sofa is fast, water-repellent and dusty so need to be cleaned regularly. If you choose the sofa cannot disassemble the cover, the user will encounter many situations éo le, cry bad jokes.

Choose a sofa for your home
Sofa fabric varied in color, style but easy to dirty and waterproof

Feather felt

Besides leather and fabric, felt is also a favorite material when buying a beautiful home. The characteristic of this material is very soft, smooth, beautiful designs and a very warm feeling for your home.

However, like a fabric sofa, felt sofas are also very absorbent, fast and dusty. With the summer weather in Vietnam, sofas really do not fit very well because it makes the atmosphere becomes stuffy, hot.

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Choose a sofa for your home
False felt not suitable for summer in Vietnam

Wood sofa

With interior furniture, the wooden sofa is an ideal choice when it has a nice design, but also has high durability, comfortable feeling and a lot of space.

Previously, when people used wood as the main material for the sofa, everything was quite simple and simple. But today, manufacturers have overcome this problem by using soft curves or in combination with other materials such as cushions, pillows.

Choose a sofa for your home
Wooden sofas gather all the advantages such as beautiful design, high durability, suitable for much interior space

However, families with young children should be careful because playing around with a wooden sofa can hurt them.

Choose the right sofa for each space

With nice furniture, L-shaped corner sofa or sofabed sofa is the perfect choice for all areas, and especially suitable for small houses (townhouses, apartment buildings, mini apartments).

Choose a sofa for your home
L-shaped corner sofa

The L-shaped corner sofa is characterized by its length and width limitations, easy to arrange and move comfortably. The sofa is short, compact, can save space is very significant.

Choose a sofa for your home
Sofa bed

Buying a house is not a simple matter, decorating the interior in harmony, beautiful but still bold personality of the owner is more difficult. If you have any questions, please contact Vietnam Real Estate for help.

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