How To Clean The Kitchen To Worship Mr.Cong And Mr.Tao Integrity?

There are “two grandmothers” including the Terra Cotta Sun, the Five Apostles Phuc Duc Chinh and the East Prison Apples Mission.

These three Gods, each one helps to look after and care for each family. According to legend, the three Mr. Tao mainly live and care about the kitchen. Each year, on December 23, the three Mr. Tao will ride the carp on the sky, reporting the good – bad things of the family last year.

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Worship Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao

On 23 December each year, Mr. Tao will ride the carp in the sky

Therefore, on each occasion, families often make a small tray to send off the Army to heaven with the wish that they will report the good of the family with the Jade Emperor, while the bad things are considered hide light. At the same time wish for a new year with lots of luck, the fortune to the family.

It is because these three gods watch over the kitchen of the family, the preparation and refurbishment of the family kitchen to send Mr. Tao is important to wish to become a reality. In addition, the kitchen is meant to be a place to keep fire, which represents our treatment and respect for the resources we have been given.

Therefore, to welcome a happy new year, fortune and healthy family, right now, every family should prepare and refurbish his family kitchen, preparing for the ceremony of Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao in the lunar day December 23.

  1. Clean

Clean is the feng shui elements that make fortune for luck, the fortune for the family. The idol will never walk into a dirty, dirty kitchen and look everywhere for scattered food.

In addition, the microwave oven or greasy cooking stove will create negative energies that affect the health and money of the owner.

  1. Put the trash away from the stove

Cleaning the kitchen can not help but mention the trash. Trash is the place where many harmful microorganisms are found, the most leftover food. They infect the food we eat every day, and in feng shui, they also contain the most negative energy.

Therefore, always rub garbage. If possible put the trash away from the kitchen, stove to get things done.

Worship Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao

Cleaning the kitchen clean, neat is the prerequisite to affect the family fortune

  1. Remove obsolete items

The pots, pans, pots are old, distorted or broken. Take your hands out of the kitchen. They are not only a place to hide microorganisms that are harmful to human health when cooked food but also to show poor hostility and poor will add to the poor.

Not only pans but also chopsticks, chopsticks or old chopsticks should also be removed.

  1. Removing unwanted items

Bottles of empty or nearly empty bottles should be removed. They are not only indicative of poverty but are also a hiding place of harmful microorganisms, negative energies that are not good and prevent positive energy from entering the kitchen.

So, do not regret the empty bottles, leave them empty. If you do not want to, you can clean, put the necessary items into it and stack them up neatly.

  1. Using multiple shelves

Shelf used in the kitchen makes a strong, strong element. In addition, things will be more compact if put on the shelf, the price.

So, make the most of the space in the kitchen to add shelves and shelves, but keep in mind that they are sturdy enough to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Keep the fire

As mentioned above, the element of fire in the kitchen is very important in how the cook applauds the owner to respect the resources of the family fortune. In addition, in the old sense, fire off indicates complete disappearance not good for the family.

So keep a fire in the house or turn on a small light in the kitchen, which symbolizes the glitter of fire.

Note, the flame should be kept to a moderate level, should not be too large to indicate balance and safety for the whole family.

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