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How To Determine The Direction Of The Apartment?

Determine the direction of the apartment

When buying and selling an apartment, many people are very interested in the direction of the house because it affects feng shui, but do not know how to determine the right.

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To determine the direction of the apartment, there is a view that from floor 1 to floor 9 will be based on the general direction of the building, from the 10th floor onwards based on the direction of the main door. However, some people think that they must rely on the direction of the balcony. Everyone thinks their views are right that makes the seller of the apartment wondering not know where. In the article below, we will tackle this issue together.

Determine the direction of the apartment based?

According to traditional feng shui, the door is the place to go in, where the wind and gas for the house so naturally the direction of the door is the direction of the house. This view holds true in the case of individual detached houses on the ground. As for condominiums, it is quite subjective and not exactly accurate.

When buying and selling apartments, take the direction of the balcony is the main direction because this is where the wind, the balcony is located in the living room, help bring the best light and air for the house. The main door, although it is the entrance, is often confused by the general structure of high buildings. At the main door, the wind does not enter the wind, not to mention the gas field benefits.

Determine the direction of the apartment
The balcony is a place to receive light and gas for the house

This is not a subjective feeling that has been proven by the use of magnetic sensors and geomatics. The results show that the gas field of the balcony is much higher than the main door.

Therefore, when buying an apartment, the buyer should take the direction of the balcony as the main direction, while the opposite part of the apartment is the coordinates.

A few note when choosing condominium direction

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Not only affect the feng shui, choosing the direction when buying and selling the apartment also affect certain aesthetic factors and health of family members. So the homeowner should note the following:

– It is recommended to choose south or southeast direction because these are the directions to welcome the cool wind and the sun is not too harsh.

Determine the direction of the apartment
Choose a south or south-east apartment

It is advisable to avoid the apartment with the direction of balcony facing west because, in this direction, the sun will shine until dark, not healthy.

– Do not let your house look directly at the neighbor will make two houses of dissent, easy conflict. However, due to the design of the building, it is difficult to avoid this. Homeowners can fix by hanging a door in front of their house a mirrored bowl.

– It is necessary to avoid the sharp corners of other buildings pointing to the apartment, this is a bad omen that harms the health and financial resources of the landlord.

In the same building, different apartments may be the same or different. People who need to buy and sell apartments should carefully consider avoiding the paintings on the body.

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