How to invest with Sapphire Phu Huu apartment

Khanh Dien Housing Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company was officially launched at 2.4 hectares of land in front of Vo Chi Cong Street, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. This is Khang Dien’s most prominent project in 2018 on the high end apartment segment.

With its potential in the future, there is no reason for investors to deny. However, how to invest with the Sapphire Phu Huu Apartment to maximize profit, it is not easy, especially for the first time in the field of real estate. Currently the project is approved 1/500 plan, has completed the compensation procedures so basically, the legal guarantee is very much. Understand the interest of customers, and understand about Sapphire Phu Huu Apartment , we would like to send you the investment analysis below. This article will help you better understand the product, and how to invest most reasonable now.

The location of Sapphira Khang Dien project

The location of Sapphira Khang Dien project

Phu Huu Sapphire apartment and information you may not know

Before going into details, you should update the valuable information about Sapphire Phu Huu, for more professional assessment, based on the factual basis.

– Phu Huu Sapphire is a project underwritten by Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) and supports financial packages for buyers. Between Khang Dien and Vietcombank signed a loan contract with a contract value of up to VND 100.6 billion (more than VND 100 billion) on March 14, 2017. Contract duration is 60 months. It is clear that the financial resources of the project have been completed, ie Khang Dien will quickly deploy the project in accordance with the schedule, investors can safely avoid stagnation because there is no capital to continue.

– Sapphire Phu Huu project is located in prime location of the area, 4 blocks with 18 floors, with more than 1,000 high-grade apartments, area from 53sqm to 96sqm (1-3 bedrooms). In the project, the owner deployed all necessary utilities such as swimming pool, nursery, shophouse, gym, living room, park, BBQ, lounge … This shows the living space at Sapphire Phu Huu is very convenient, full and comfortable. This place will certainly have high liquidity and potential increasing over time.


Vietcombank guarantees Sapphire Phu Huu Project

– Khang Dien is the real estate giant with more than 100 hectares of land in the East. Previously Khang Dien was famous for the segment of townhouses, luxury villas … but in 2017, with the positive direction, Khang Dien has achieved much resounding success in the apartment segment. All of the projects that the developer has developed, most of which sell well, as soon as phase 1. Like Melosa Garden, Merita has sold out all, Jamila Khang sold within 6 months. 90% of apartments, Area 1 & 2 of the Lovera Park project have sold out, equivalent to 60% of the product …

With just a few of the information shared above, it is enough to see the attractive potential value from Sapphire Phu Huu, from the perspective of a professional real estate investor. However, to maximize profits, the investment method is always something you need to determine exactly. Please refer to the next section if you are really interested in this issue.

How to invest with Sapphire Phu Huu Apartment?

In 2018, the East area real estate market will continue to grow, and in the apartment segment, Saphire Phu Huu can be considered as the opening supply. As a leading player, Saphiro Phu Huu will soon be in a hurry, especially at a time when new supply is limiting in quantity.

With the high legal status and prestige of Khang Dien, it can be said Saphire Phu Huu District 9 is a good move that investors should not ignore.

Utilities of Sapphira Khang Dien project

Utilities of Sapphira Khang Dien project

In our opinion, you should invest in Saphire Phu Huu apartment but should choose long term plan. At this point, surfing investment will face many difficulties, because the secondary market in the East has not reached the milestone in liquidity.

Currently the infrastructure, new projects here are not really complete, but only in the process of construction, so the focus on one here soon is impossible. Therefore, if you invest urgently, it will not be easy to liquidate. Instead, you need to invest in long term to get higher profits. As the projects and infrastructure here are running in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner, the value of real estate increases rapidly is not controversial.

Please contact us directly, we will help you see the most efficient investment route, with Saphire Phu Huu Apartment District 9.

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