How To Save Money To Buy Effectively A Home?

Owning a home in the city is a dream come true for many, especially low-income families. The question is how can easily save money to buy a home in a short time.

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Here are eight ways to save money:

The first way to save money to buy a home: Book a bank saving

Suppose you have an income of VND 12 million / month. When you pay, immediately deduct VND5 million to open a new savings account. So how do you live with the remaining VND7 million? Keep calm! Because you have so many books, when you run out of money, there will be at least one book due. You can deduct a portion from this account to spend. Establishing a regular savings book like this has two benefits:

First: When you hold the book of certainty you will feel very happy and proud of yourself. You will automatically earn yourself more money, save more to get the feeling like this.

Second: Since money has been deposited into a bank, you will not be able to spend it. So, you have money for the future. You also get interested in the same amount. It’s called “money-giving”.

Save money to buy a home


The second way to save money on buying a home: Join the special savings

Learn about and participate in the special savings types that banks in the market are applying. Such as the type when depositors can only deposit money that cannot be withdrawn before the deadline. Interestingly, these forms often have higher interest rates than the other forms of deposit.

The third way to save money on buying a home: Save today

Maybe today you are struggling with your narrow income and think that saving is impossible. But start small steps. Tonight, put a little bit of money into your pig farm. Start saving for your future home with a minimum of 1% of your income per month. Are you sure you cannot refuse this number? When you’re comfortable with the other 99%, go one step further. Gradually increase to 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% and even 20%. If possible, ask the accountant to transfer a portion of his salary directly to your savings account. Or you can do it easily at ATM plants. This will help you avoid your “reckless” purchasing decisions.

Save money to buy a home


Fourth way to save money on buying a home: Accumulate bonuses

When you get paid, you earn extra work, get a raise or get an inheritance, and whenever you receive an unexpected payment, get 50% of that money back. savings. Think of your “dream home” and try to live comfortably with the rest of the 50%.

The fifth way to save money is to buy a home: Be smart consumers

To become a wise consumer, you should only buy the things you need with you and your family and stay away from the luxuries. They come near you and your dream home will run away from you. Remember that!

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The sixth way to save money on buying a home: Organizing your own personal activities

Create your own home-based activities such as holding movie nights, home cooking with some dear friends. You still get the warm atmosphere with minimal cost.

The seventh way to save money on buying a home: Call for help

Tell your friends and family about your “whole life” plan. Most people will understand, understand and help you implement this plan. Sometimes they even share their experiences in buying a home for your

Save money to buy a home


Eighth way to save money to buy a home: Sell things that are not needed

Clean up the warehouse to sort out unused items, which can be sold, reused or thrown away. This is a handy way for you to: get some money after selling items, save on the use of old items and the time of moving, the amount of furniture to move will also reduce less.

Here, Vietnam Real Estate offers eight ways to save money on home improvement. Please apply the rules above and you will be surprised by the amount of money you have accumulated. Wish you soon get the dream home. In addition, you can also download a monthly mortgage calculator to plan your own home loan for yourself and your family.

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