The HPC Landmark 105 apartment to save 35% of electricity

All residents living at the HPC Landmark 105 project will be able to reduce 35% of electricity due to the application of aerodynamic principle in designing the project.

Accordingly, many housing projects in the advanced nations in the world have applied aerodynamic dynamics in the design and construction process to make the most of natural resources and reduce the abrasion of construction. However, this model is quite new in Vietnam.

HPC Landmark 105 is the first luxury apartment in Hanoi to apply this principle which help to save up to 35% of electricity consumption per apartment.

The principle of aerodynamics is applying the maximum use of the “internal force” of nature such as wind, water, light, green trees … The use of aerodynamics in construction not only satisfies the technical requirements but also a harmonious combination between  technology and the natural environment, specifically wind force to utilize the use of electricity.

Not face to To Huu Street as other projects, HPC Landmark rotates a 45 degree angle to take advantage of natural conditions. From the street, the project is a diamond with a right angle facing to To Huu Street.

The apartments are arranged in this way to prevent the southwest wind and at the same time increase the area exposed to the southeastern and northeastern winds from 150 to 200%, thus decreasing the temperature of the apartment as well as the whole building.

In particular, the corridor windows system of the floors are not aligned in isotope way as other projects but are arranged in odd way. By this feature, when the wind blows from two main directions from the southeast and northeast meeting the odd layout windows will help the wind flow in the building always reach the maximum. The wind is drawn inward to form an interline passage with no end point. This is considered the natural air conditioning system that operates 24/24.

Thus, in addition to avoiding harmful energy sources, HPC Landmark 105 takes advantage of the useful natural energy to make the apartment space to be cool at all time. And according to calculations, each apartment has saved about 30-50% of the cost of monthly utility bills.

Another calculation also shows that the use of aerodynamics helps HPC Landmark 105 significantly reduce noise as well as dust compared to other projects on the same route.

It not only benefited from useful natural energy, the aerodynamic principle of the HPC Landmark 105 also avoids about 50% of the wind force to increase the sustainability of the building.

Reducing the wind vortex will reduce the erosion of the natural elements so foundation and other constructing materials such as lime walls, water pipes and technical systems such as well as equipments of the building. This is considered as a solution to reduce the speed of rapid degradation of construction projects in Vietnam.

HPC Landmark 105 is the only high-end apartment project in Hanoi built on the design drawing of Franken Architekten, the leading German design firm applying the comprehensively sustainable architecture principle to achieve a sustainable value for the human environment.

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Currently, the issues of savings such as operating management fees, parking fees, or utility charges are major concerns for homebuyers because these fees are associated with the daily activities of residents.

In addition, customers are particularly interested in living environment, from small issues such as direct sunlight into the apartment causing indoor temperature increase actually becomes a huge problem causing negative impact to daily life …

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