HQC Plaza Has Not Yet Accepted Fire Prevention Still They Put People To Live In

The quality of the works has not been accepted before, but the HQC Plaza has not been checked and accepted, but residents have returned to block 4 despite the fire in July.

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Many people are in block 4, apartment HQC Plaza (An Phu Tay commune, Binh Chanh, HCMC) was allowed to return to the apartment for Hoang Quan Real Estate. These are the households that have to leave the house after the power shortage, causing the fire on the 18th and 21st floor of Block 4.

HQC Plaza sent a letter asking people to move into their apartment on block 4 from 10/9. Approximately 80 homeowners are invited to move to their house to stay after repair and travel the power line to pay the rooms at Block 2 for HQC Plaza handed over to the apartment owner.

Depending on the apartment, people are asked to move scattered from 10 to 17/9. It is worth mentioning, HQC Plaza asked residents to move to the apartment where the fire occurred. At that time, the cause was identified as short-lived, gypsum ceiling of the 18th and the 21st floor was burned. Technical piping and fire water pipes to the apartments are also burnt so all block 4 without electricity and water to use.

Currently, although the quality of works has not been accepted, not tested fire protection system, the work is under construction but Hoang Quan still brings residents back to block 4 living.

To deal with the authorities, Hoang Quan silently issued notice No. 23 / TB-HQ2016 on the conditions to ensure the completion of acceptance of fire prevention before the residents of HQ3 and HQ4 moved in after the incident on July 15.

HQC Plaza project

HQC Plaza was burnt in July due to short circuit

Announcement No. 23 was signed on September 10, but five days later, when many people moved into block 4 to stay, the new investor for the staff posted in front of the elevator.

“To ensure safety, residents HQ3 and HQ4 can only repair, complete the interior. Absolutely not staying in the apartment during the period of not accepting the fire protection system and the investor has not received the acceptance minutes of the fire protection system for HQ3 and HQ4. By this notice, the owner requests that the resident cooperate and not move into the apartment until the fire alarm system is completed, “the notice said.

Anh Hung (on the 19 Th floor, block 4 of HQC Plaza) has not finished haunting recalling the fire in July. When he was sleeping, he heard many screams. Startled waking up he saw the smoke coming into the house. Open the door, see the smoke hall blind so he grabbed the rails blocked the door and raised children to the balcony to call for help. When the fire police came, the corridor was down smoke. Hung rushed to run the stairs to the ground.

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“At present, the investor has finished repairing the apartment but not accepted the quality of the works, not tested the file system. If there is a fire again, who will be responsible? Staying in our house but we feel very insecure, “Hung said.

HQC Plaza project

Not accepted, HQC Plaza still puts people in and write documents deal with authorities

Many other residents said that the owner of HQC Plaza deceived people and deal with the authorities when issuing the notice number 23. Because the investor has sent a letter asking residents to stay in the apartment to stay. has announced the request to wait for acceptance fire system.

At HQC Plaza, many items are still in construction, very messy. Other urgent investors are promised September 15 will have an elevator. However, the elevator has not yet been operated. Residents want to use must call the guard to press. HQC has four blocks of 23-24 floors so residents have to wait very long. The elevator has not been tested and tested technically safe.

Talking to reporters on September 15, To Truong Thinh, Communications Manager of Hoang Quan Real Estate Company, said that we would receive and transfer the problem that we reflect the board of directors.

One day later, Thinh said that it was not until September 23 to answer the questions of residents living in HQC Plaza. “Currently, customer care is working to reassure residents,” Thinh said.

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