I Have Seen Feliz En Vista District 2 And Like It, Why?

The social demand is raised, the demand for food, leisure and entertainment are also more concerned. Housing is a part of human life but if you choose a suitable home then you need other utilities that are much more important. Catching up on that request, the Feliz en vista apartment project has attracted a lot of attention and maybe if we write about the project clearly, you will be surprised too.

People often say that choosing a good place is not just where the price is good but it is in many other aspects of the living space, location as well as the amenities that the apartment gives us. Let’s analyze the factors that make many people see the apartment Feliz En Vista in District 2 like it.

Location of Feliz En Vista is very convenient

Feliz En Vista apartment is located in the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to many high strategically streets, close to the administrative centre of District 2, hospitals and schools are also located around the area for maximum traffic convenience.

Feliz En Vista

Feliz En Vista’s very convenient location in the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

The project is located on Dong Van Cong Street in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City is also the center of District 2 so it is home to many international schools, hospitals, committees and riverside park system, convenient transportation connection and quickly takes only 5 minutes to the center of District 1, 3 minutes to Long Thanh Dau Giay expressway, especially associated with many new urban areas.

The living space of the Feliz En Vista is the most geomantic in Saigon.

Enjoy the scenery here is a 3 kilometres river park will be where you immerse yourself with the living space of the wild but no less delicate of the river here. Feliz En Vista apartments are designed and selected with a very beautiful location as well as the flair in each drawing line will surely be the best choice for you.

The Feliz En Vista high-end flats project was geomanial consulted by the author of more than 160 well-known books and brought great revenue and was a lead adviser to Joey Yap’s advisory team, Dato Joey Yap. With a deep knowledge of geomancy and geometry in China more than 20 years, he has been the pioneer in modern geomancy teaching systems worldwide. The Feliz En Vista apartment was built in a prime location with the support of the natural elements surrounding it.

Feliz En Vista is a high-class and luxury apartment owned by Capitaland. It is located in Dong Van Cong residential area, An Phu – the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, along the river of Saigon full of romantic and charming. Residents living in this high-end Feliz En Vista apartment can enjoy river views under illusory, sparkling reflections. The connection, economic exchanges, traffic roads become easy for people to come and live in this place. Surrounding centre is schools, international hospitals, commercial centres and large supermarkets catering the vital needs of life.

With more than 30 utilities including indoor and outdoor apartments, the level and comfort will surely bring the ideal to your family. “Green Design” is a remarkable feature that is different from many other investors. Designed under the eyes of the sophisticated, creative mind of the owner, the Feliz En Vista apartment owner can receive the fullest sun and wind. Moreover, the apartment is surrounded by many green trees around creating an airy space, environmentally friendly fresh air, rarely seen in the centre of the city. With an area of about 2 hectares, there are about 800 apartments in three towers. Star-styled resort style resort with swimming pool, artificial beach, Aqua Park, hot spring, and many other recreational venues cater to the recreational needs of residents.

Come to Feliz En Vista where your life is sublimated in the heart of the city.

Great utilities of the Feliz En Vista apartment

Feliz En Vista

The superior facilities of Feliz En Vista apartments will bring satisfaction to you

With the dreamlike park, there is an artificial sea combined with hot springs, exciting and impressing underwater games that will create a distinct highlight for the Feliz en vista apartment. The modern, fully equipped GYM Gymnasium incorporates refurbished and age-appropriate machinery for all ages, along with a large commercial center, hospital, school, campus, kid’s playground. All of the facilities are located in the Feliz en vista apartment where the owner wants the project to form a unified and comprehensive chain.

Every need has its moderate level but coming to Feliz en vista apartment will bring you the greatest satisfaction without such previous apartment. Through the analysis of the benefits of the Feliz en vista apartment project will bring satisfaction to you.

When can you buy the Feliz En Vista apartment projects in District 2?

The apartment is assessed average price and is also in the process of depositing the apartment. Every 3 months, deposits will be made to the owner. With attractive price so far has not from $1,700 to $2000 / 1sqm.

If you choose an apartment, what the apartment you want in the future? Of course, the thing that is concerned to you is the owner, if the developer is successful in the successful projects, then the next project will be more interest. So, the Feliz en vista apartment is being paid much attention because Capitaland investor is leading the prestige in Vietnam today.

In the competitive market as it is now, if there is a project, then proceed to implement, otherwise it will delay according to schedule when the Feliz en vista apartment officially open sale and receive information, let’s contact us immediately at hotline (+84) 898 898 688 for best support.

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