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Identifing urban areas in Hanoi is worth living

Identifing urban areas in Hanoi is worth living

The most beautiful urban Hanoi this will certainly super-pleasing you as soon as you arrive. In the midst of a busy life, the house is a place for us to rest and relax. Finding a suitable home with the most suitable elements is not easy.

Today, would like to introduce you 7 best urban areas based on the criteria that real estate experts advise select. The most worthwhile urban areas in Hanoi will be great suggestions.

Criteria for selecting urban areas in Hanoi:

urban areas in Hanoi is worth living
Identifing urban areas in Hanoi is worth living

Areas of interest in the area

– Quality of life including environment, green coverage

– Amusement parks,

– The social infrastructure such as health, education, architecture, security, service system, characteristics of the community …

These are the top criteria when recommend to consider the place to live. Besides there are urban areas under construction in Hanoi you can refer.

1.The most beautiful urban Hanoi

Ciputra - Nam Thang Long
Ciputra – Nam Thang Long

In the future, Ciputra will be competitive, but it is difficult to defeat the “crown” of this urban area in Hanoi. Pioneering the creation of a new urban living standard in Hanoi, Ciputra is a model of both architecture and planning in many real estate developers. It is considered to be the highest quality urban area with international standard public services.

2.The most beautiful urban Hanoi – Gamuda City

Over the years, Gamuda Land has built and brought to the Vietnamese people a dreamlike living space, modern yet beautiful with nature in Gamuda City (Hanoi) and Celadon City (HCM City)

Gamuda City
Gamuda City

Gamuda City in general and Gamuda Gardens in particular are the places where the notion of a home meets the first and the highest standards of a “home” in modern life. Therefore, it is located in urban areas in Hanoi worth living.

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3.Ecopark Ecological Town

Located in the largest urban area projects in the North, Ecopark is built and developed based on the balance between urban space and natural environment. Thus, this place creates a multifunctional city, an ideal space to meet the needs of modern housing, office, commerce, tourism and entertainment in the North.

Ecopark Ecological Town
Ecopark Ecological Town

Although not in Hanoi, but this is the residence of the citizens of the capital, Ecopark should still be listed in the list of urban areas in Hanoi is popular.

   4.The most beautiful urban Hanoi Splendora – North An Khanh

When Vinaconex decided to join forces with Korea’s “Posco”, Vinaconex understood the resonance of the two sides to develop a new city in the suburbs of Hanoi. A modern and synchronous urban complex in the North is gradually being established in North An Khanh.

Splendora - North An Khanh
Splendora – North An Khanh

Splendora – North An Khanh is a “dream destination” of middle-class Ha Thanh citizens. Belonging to the urban area under construction in Hanoi, it is expected to be completed in this January.

  5.Vinhomes Riverside Urban Area

Also on the list of metropolitan areas in Hanoi, this classy urban project is designed and built following the model of the city of Venice (Italy) – a beautiful, luxurious and charming city.

Identifing urban areas in Hanoi is worth living
Vinhomes Riverside Urban Area

 6.The most beautiful urban Hanoi named The Manor My Dinh


The Manor Hanoi is a mixed-use complex of commercial centers, offices and high-end apartments designed in European style, combining classic and modern French architecture.

The Manor My Dinh
The Manor My Dinh

What better way to live in such a classy living space?

 7.Urban areas in Hanoi: Time City

The city is built on the idea of ​​a modern urban-style eco-friendly architecture of Singapore Island Times City project is a complex of luxury living space full. Enough of the facilities, where you and your family can rest assured enjoy life comfort, perfect.

With the unique combination of modern European architecture and Asian flair, the Times City promises to be a model city and an important factor, Awakening potential, contributing to change the appearance of the land south of the capital and bring to your family a space of living young, modern and perfect.

Time City
Time City

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