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If Wanting To Rent A Good Apartment, You Should Read Immediately 4 Experiences

Currently, demand for apartments, especially high-grade apartments located in the city center, are gradually being popular and selected for many reasons such as good security, conditions. However, wanting to do “temporary owner” of a spacious apartment, the tenant should note some of the problems that Vietnam Real Estate mentioned below, casting Coupled with the actual rental experience.

Experience 1: Buying a condo or apartment will also need to be good

At present, tenants can easily find advertising brochures for rental properties in various media or social networks or as brochures. The ads often hit on a number of core factors such as the project is convenient location and transportation, spacious apartment area with reasonable price. To say that to buy a house or rent, the location factor is also very interested in many people, and it would be wrong if you rent apartments cheap but every morning you must take an hour to go to work. Because house location is not good. If you switch between renting a low-cost apartment away from the center and renting a slightly higher price but near the center and the workplace, then we recommend you choose the option of renting an apartment near the center. Save money on travel as well as help your productivity, health and the whole family be guaranteed by choosing the most convenient location

The experience of renting a good apartment
Whether buying or renting an apartment should pay attention to the location factor

Some suggestions for you to choose the location of the apartment is that if your main time is in the office, you should choose a location near the company to be active on the job. You also do not forget to factor in renting an apartment should choose where there are utilities for daily life such as commercial center, school, cinema, park … Maybe, this is not too important, but in fact, it will save you a lot of time and other travel expenses. Some of the high-end projects are located in beautiful, affordable rents are very interested customers are now to find out more as Masteri Thao Dien, Vinhomes Central Park, Lexington Residence …

Experience 2: Be cautious with out-of-contract charges

On the land market today, there are quite a lot of apartments for rent cheap advertising advertisers, suitable for money. However, when tenants move their belongings, they will be surprised with many extra fees, such as fees: elevator, civil defense fee, apartment service fee … When the tenant inquiries with the owner The homeowners for these fees are told that they are fixed fees that any person in the apartment must pay, not just the tenant. In fact, these charges are not without grounds. Only thing, they are not mentioned in the lease contract. As a consequence, many tenants did not anticipate the costs incurred to negotiate with the landlord when signing a lease.

According to us, every apartment has the following fees: management fee, motorbike parking fee (set by apartment management), cable television fee, the internet, electricity, and water with the price set by the state). In addition, there are other fees, such as national defense and security funds, support funds, or participation in local community activities …

Renting an apartment means that the tenant will be the temporary owner of the apartment. Therefore, the tenant will have to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations as the real owner. If there is no agreement with the landlord, even though the fees are sometimes not high, it is not easy to get cheated. So to avoid unnecessary hassles, during the negotiation, the tenant should ask the landlord to make the lease with all the possible expenses.

The experience of renting a good apartment
Rent apartment, you must pay attention to the fees incurred

Experience 3: Get to know your neighbors right away

Speaking of condominiums, you should understand that everything outside of your apartment is part of the community. Common corridors, shared lifts, common playgrounds, parking lots … Therefore, the interactivity in the apartment buildings is very high.

Before making the decision to rent an apartment for long-term accommodation, you should find out the similarities in the work and occupation of each household head in the apartment to ensure the ability to integrate together. After that. You must evaluate the ability to tolerate, adapt, adjust your family activities in the new habitat. There have been many cases of displacement due to the upheaval of upper levels or differences in living attitudes.

Experience 4: Note the duration of the flat

During the contract negotiation, the landlord usually requires the tenant to commit in the long run for at least 1 year or more. To ensure your own benefit, in case you break your contract ahead of time, the landlord will require you to deposit a deposit of at least 2-3 months’ rent. Therefore, to avoid losing your initial deposit, when renting an apartment you should determine the exact length of time you will live in the apartment to avoid moving before the contract expires.

Besides, you can skillfully negotiate to shorten the duration of the apartment, limit the risks in the event of force majeure relocation.

The experience of renting a good apartment
Please read the contract carefully before deciding to rent an apartment

In summary, when renting an apartment you must remember:

Do not be afraid to ask the landlord to list all the binding terms, as well as the fees to be paid, and you will only do the contract.

The thorough review of location, utilities, quality of the apartment, apartment interior; As well as the price of services such as management fees, parking, electricity, water, etc., such a monthly payment is appropriate.

Each apartment uses only one Internet connection and cable TV, the tenant should consider whether it suits their needs.

Before renting an apartment, you can go to cafes, restaurants near the apartment to explore the price and “see” prospective neighbors who are “style” with you or not. If you do not have time for this, we specialist will help you do this.

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If Wanting To Rent A Good Apartment, You Should Read Immediately 4 Experiences

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