Imperia Garden Project: HBI’s developer sells unsecured home

According to the buyers of the Imperia Garden 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong project, although it has been open for 2 years, the investor – HBI Joint Stock Company – still can not provide guarantee letter co-guarantee for customers. This act has violated Article 56 of the Law on Real Estate Business 2014.

Specifically, Article 5.2 (p) of the contract of sale of apartments between customers and investors HBI stipulates that “Party A (HBI) is obliged to provide Party B (customer) guarantee of a bank commercial guarantee for financial obligations of Party A to Party B when Party A fails to hand over the apartment in accordance with the schedule committed in this contract in accordance with the provisions of law.

The Imperia Garden Project was misappropriated by the customer 

The Imperia Garden Project was misappropriated by the customer 

The law is Article 56, Real Estate Business Law 2014 (effective from July 1, 2015): “Real estate project investors before selling, renting to buy houses form In the future, commercial banks should be able to guarantee financial obligations of investors to customers when investors do not hand over houses in accordance with the committed schedule. “

However, the customers said, from the first day of sale (July 25, 2015) to date, HBI Joint Stock Company has not provided any certificate (contract) guarantee for customers. – despite the content of the signed contract and the customers have paid most of the apartment value.

Another thing that makes customers angry is the company HBI has “pressed” customers have to sign a new contract liquidation of red books. The contents of the liquidation minutes have the clause “The customer confirms that HBI Joint Stock Company has fulfilled the obligation of handing over the apartment and related documents, each party will not have any complaints, any claim on any of the other party’s obligations “.

In an understandable way, HBI Joint Stock Company would like to use the red book to “force” customers to accept the apartment, while reflecting that the apartments in the Imperia Garden project are still a lot of problems resolved resolutely.

For example, the installation of a bell (camera doorbell) in the apartment. According to Annex II of the contract, the investor had to install a bell, but this unit did not perform, instead only drilled a small hole on the door to replace the camera.

As opposed to promotional content such as: gym, spa, sauna, yoga, aerobics are merged into a zone with the area only 300sqm; The only indoor playground for children of 1,600 households is also only 50sqm!

Customers who believe that these changes, fraudulent HBI investors have violated Advertising Law when the information is false, “fool” home buyers.

The buyers of houses at the Imperia Garden project

The buyers of houses at the Imperia Garden project

The buyers of houses at the Imperia Garden project discussed the proposal to investors on June 25

In addition, the owner of HBI arbitrarily replaced the building management unit from PMC (PMC Building and Management Joint Stock Company) – an experienced unit to MIK Home – a subsidiary of MIK. Group, which does not inform residents, is an unacceptable act.

That is not to mention at the present time, when handed over to the customer, the Imperia Garden project is still a site with overcrowded materials and construction workers. Meanwhile, according to regulations, the investor must complete all the new technical infrastructure to be handed over.

It is said that, despite many requests, Imperia Garden’s customers still do not get the resolution of the owner. Instead, they only received roundabouts and evasive responses from HBI Joint Stock Company, which has always advertised Imperia Garden as the leading luxury project in Hanoi.

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