Incidentally, The Red Book Projects Cost Only VND390 Million

 Land fund in Ho Chi Minh City gradually exhausted push up land prices make the demand for housing and investment is shrinking.

In this context, DKRA Vietnam launched a red book project, a few tens of minutes away from Ho Chi Minh City, but the price was only VND390 million/ platform. Immediately, it became the center of the whole market in Western City.

The dream settlement

The price of land in the city of Ho Chi Minh City ranges from VND13-25 million / sqm, beyond the reach of many young families and investors with limited capital accumulation. Meanwhile, Western City is located seven minutes from Ben Luc town, 20 minutes from Aon Mall Binh Tan, but costs only 390 million / platform. This price is softer compared to many projects being offered in the market.

Mr. Tran Hieu, Deputy General Director of DKRA Vietnam Joint Stock Company, an exclusive distributor of the project, shared: “Despite the” soft “price, but payment method is very attractive. Specifically, Western City customers will be supported by the bank 70% of the product value in 20 years. Thus, customers only need to pay more than 100 million, the longer payment of more than 1 million per month (depending on the area), lower than the rent on the market today.

“Magnet” attracts visitors

With a very attractive price, the project quickly created waves of the real estate market in Western HCMC and Long An area. Although announced nearly a week, but during the visit to 4-11, Western City has welcomed more than 300 customers to explore the project. To meet the great demand of customers, on November 12, the project will officially accept orders.

Incidentally, the red book projects cost only VND390 million

The physical training and sports complex is urgently under construction.

According to DKRA Vietnam, customers interested in Western City are both investors who want to buy wholesale to “surf” and many customers buy to stay in mind with interior design space, including many specialists. domestic and foreign working in industrial parks near the project. Another object is that workers in the vicinity of HCMC and Ben Luc have a need to settle near the workplace.

Mr. Nguyen Hung, a technical expert, shared: “Western City is a rare red project is planning with a variety of utility systems, so it is very suitable to settle. On the other hand, the price of VND390 million / platform makes it easy for us to pay. I also appreciate the investment potential of the project because it is located in front of provincial road 830 is expanding to 74 m, adjacent industrial zones have thousands of workers “- he excitedly.

Urban living

Western City urban area owned by Phu An Thanh – Long An Company, the owner of a series of key industrial parks in the province of Long An as investors. In total 30 hectares, up to 60% of the land fund for the development of trees and public utilities. Thanks to that, this place always inherited fresh living space, standard to settle.

Incidentally, the red book projects cost only VND390 million

Located on the front of TL 830, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City-Trung Luong expressway, from Western City residents easily connect to Ho Chi Minh City.

With the orientation of urban development model, the project has various utility systems such as primary school, medical center, commercial center, park … Especially the sports complex with the system. golf course, badminton, tennis, football field is under construction. It is expected that the entire project will be completed in the second quarter of 2018. Meet the needs of shopping, entertainment, health, education and physical, urban Western City where the quality of life is perfect.

In addition, Western City has more than 1 km of frontage road 830 (Ring Road 4) is expanding to 74 m, showing a very good profit opportunity. The project next to Phu An Thanh Industrial Park will receive more than 20,000 experts and workers to work. In the future, this area will need huge demand for housing, bringing great profitability in the secondary market.

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