Increasing Fortune In Your Home Through Feng Shui Arrangement

  1. The main door is easy to see

If the main door of the house is difficult to find or make it difficult for others to enter, it is difficult for your life. The house needs a doorbell to allow guests to call home. The main door is where the fresh air. Sweeping the steps and front yard, and a pot on the entrance.

  1. Reducing clutter, add trees, and water

To bring prosperity, it is important to create vibrant, healthy inspiration and eliminate clutter. Clutter causes gas congestion, leading to stagnation. Plants and flowers bring vibrant energy to life, helping fresh air. The fountain is very important in feng shui, it helps regulate the gas, stimulates energy and symbolizes money.

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  1. Keeping your kitchen is clean

Arrange the house according to Feng Shui


The kitchen not only has a significant impact on health but also directly relates to the homeowner’s ability to attract financing. You need to streamline your cabinets, refrigerators, fresh food for your dining needs. In order to attract more money, you need to keep the kitchen clean, each area should be used properly. Finally, remove the unnecessary items on the table.

  1. Do not leak water

The tap is a sign of wasting money. Your financial situation is reflected through indoor water sources. To enrich your finances, repair your damaged fountain or remove stagnant water. Avoiding hanging artwork related to water or hanging high over your nose and avoiding placing mirrors or watercolors on the bedside.

  1. Creating an office at your home

Arrange the house according to Feng Shui


Many people work from home but skip space for business. Do yourself a serious business if you want to attract new customers and have bigger opportunities. The office should have a large desk facing the doors and windows. You create space so people can go in, sit down, shake hands with you. Avoiding the table near the wall, it will make you feel depressed and not respected. Space is equivalent to opportunity, so it is important to arrange to the seat so that you keep your vision ahead.

  1. Changing exterior

If your house is near the railroad track, has a steep backyard, is at a crossroads … then ask a feng shui expert to solve the conflicting energy sources at home. You can consult with them to decorate the exterior of your home to maximize your energy. Choosing the color of the house, the number of windows, design the height of the door so that it is appropriate … also contribute to creating the source of gas for the home.

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