Information about the latest project in Ho Chi Minh City Thu Thiem project

Recently, the planning information for Thu Thiem project is a matter of people’s interest, until now is still a hot issue.

New look at the planning information about Ho Chi Minh City Thu Thiem project? To know clearly where the planning information is the most accurate is the issue that many people are interested in.

Once upon a time the information was as hot

Planning information Thu Thiem real estate - hot on the issue of compensation

Planning information Thu Thiem real estate – hot on the issue of compensation

Start to compensate land in Thu Thiem, 1 meter by 3 bowls of pho, information on planning maps are lost, compensation solution is satisfactory, … At present, Ho Chi Minh City focuses on settling complaints at the Thu Thinking of the fever in the past time has not stopped, Realestatevietnam does not mention this issue that goes into analyzing the new look of Thu Thiem at the present time.

To continue this issue, Realestatevietnam will update its latest planning information on Thu Thiem project, Thu Thiem’s ​​appearance in the new planning now is probably the problem. many people are interested in.

About Thu Thiem new urban area

Thu Thiem new urban area was approved in 1996, after 22 years with two planning adjustments, the project is being implemented according to the plan of 2012 of Sasaki (USA).

Thu Thiem is a project located on a peninsula 647 hectares on the Saigon River from the historical center of Ho Chi Minh City, it is located in the area of ​​district 2-hotspot of real estate at the present time.

Planning information about Thu Thiem

As planned, Thu Thiem new urban area is divided into 5 main areas, including:

  1. 1.Central administrative center,
  2. 2.Functional East-West Boulevard,
  3. Residents of the North,
  4. Residents of the East
  5. Southern forest ecological park.

What is the focus of the Thu Thiem planning area?

Thu Thiem new urban area is planned with five main focus is:

  1. 1.Development area,
  2. Develop traffic system,
  3. Development of living systems,
  4. 4.Develop the living space
  5. Development of water flow management.

So, with these 5 centers, the peninsula is expected to become the international financial and commercial hub of the world and the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia. Urban planning information about Thu Thiem shows the focus of a prime urban area in Saigon.

The central core area is located opposite District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City so it attracts many investors by the real estate market is very exciting, there are plans to build all the Great works of Thu Thiem.

Thu Thiem - Towards a living space class

Thu Thiem – Towards a living space class

Not only that, besides living space full of utilities, the peninsula is expected to provide multimodal public transportation. Prominent is the taxis by water taxi to bring residents from Thu Thiem across the Saigon River to other neighboring districts.

What is the traffic system of Thu Thiem?

Explore the latest Ho Chi Minh City information about Thu Thiem project, you can easily see the current traffic system of any place is quite convenient. Traffic system with 4 main roads in Thu Thiem urban area, including: arc highway (with 6 lanes); the riverbank (4 lanes); along the Saigon River (with 2 lanes) and delta road, total length of nearly 12 km. Mai Chi Tho Boulevard (pink line) on the East-West Highway with 12 lanes put into use in 2011, known as the backbone route dividing Thu Thiem new urban area.

Traffic system of Thu Thiem

Traffic system of Thu Thiem residential area

Thus, the new look of Thu Thiem will be a colorful picture for residents here.

New things in Thu Thiem attract many people

There will be 5 bridges and a tunnel linking other areas of Ho Chi Minh City with Thu Thiem urban area. At present, the Thu Thiem 1 bridge and the Saigon River crossing (connecting District 2 and District 1) have been built and put into use.

At the beginning of 2015, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge was started with a total capital of nearly VND 3,100 billion, connecting District 2 with District 1.

Thu Thiem bridge 3 starts from Ton Dan district.

Thu Thiem 4 bridge linking District 2 and District 7, is expected to start in 2018 and will be completed and put into use by the end of 2019 with a total cost of over 5,300 billion.

As such, Thu Thiem painting is about to be a masterpiece that makes real estate here stopped raising prices.

It can be said that Thu Thiem operates as a natural filtration system, uses land and public space to create an open system that integrates the ecological conditions present at the lower Saigon estuary and reacts to the climate of the region. South Vietnam.

Targeted at Thu Thiem new urban area

With the aim of living open and modern space, Thu Thiem new urban area is expected in the next 20 years will be home to more than 130,000 residents. The streets are spacious, airy with the proportion of public spaces, sidewalks along with bicycle parking, motorcycles are 2: 3: 2.

In particular, an important ecological strategy to sustain Thu Thiem is an “open system” – where tidal regimes, water surges through canals, lakes and natural mangroves and artificial forests . Every neighborhood is close to water and public spaces are created through this strategy.

This latest planning information was adjusted in 2012, six years after the 1 / 2,000 scale plan approved in 2005. Sasaki (USA) was hired to adjust this project to increase the total floor area construction of 43%, reaching 7.7 million m2 purpose is to create housing for 160,000 people (formerly 120,000) and the workplace of 450,000 people.

At the same time, this same unit won the design contest Thu Thiem new urban center – Green Peninsula 657 hectares opposite District 1, Ho Chi Minh City in 2003.

Thus, the panoramic view of Thu Thiem Urban Area from the top of Thu Thiem Urban Area (District 2, HCMC) now has a new face with many traffic works, to tall buildings, villas rise in In recent years, … created a multi-color picture.

Where is the planning information on Thu Thiem? You can update on the online viewing site, planning map of Ho Chi Minh City to better understand the appearance of this project.

Realestatevietnam has shared the latest Ho Chi Minh City information about Thu Thiem project, its new look at the moment. Hopefully it will provide useful information for readers to grasp the latest knowledge.

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