Information And Valuation Land In Ho Chi Minh City Is Unstable

Along with real estate items such as apartment complexes; villas, garden houses cheap apartments; The project land sales also swelled fever in a few years in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, due to lack of transparency in the real estate market in HCM City as well as unclear rules and regulations, the land price has become erratic.

How can investors determine information as well as accurately project land prices is a big question many real estate investors.

Ho Chi Minh real estate news on land acquisition project

The land is said to be easy to understand is agricultural land but is planned by the state in the future. If the purchase of agricultural land and the purpose of conversion into the residential land is also difficult, it is much easier to move from land to residential land.

Actually, the project land information in our country in general and Ho Chi Minh City, in particular, is kept secret until the last minute but the secret is not complete. Before the planning of a project, many years ago planning information came out one way or the other. This information is either true or false, but investors are still risking their money to speculate on them with the desire to win.

Valuation of land in Ho Chi Minh City

Real estate information about project planning in Ho Chi Minh City

Backdoor or relationship to know in advance about the land project in our country is no stranger. Buying pre-planned project land will give investors even more profits, but in the event that the planned project does not carry out the planning, the investor will have to suffer losses himself. In addition, many landowners also take advantage of real estate news or follow the trend of buying land in the local project itself to spread the rumors, increase the project land price without anyone knowing.

Specifically, from the end of 2016, information on Cu Chi land in Ho Chi Minh City will be planned to become a residential area for high-ranking officials as well as to build some important projects that make many people rush to buy land here. Cu Chi land from VND1-2 million /sqm now sharply increase to VND5-6 million before the information about the project. Earlier this year, Cu Chi land price was pushed up to the ceiling price of up to VND10 million/sqm, investors are fighting to buy land in Cu Chi project, people continuously sell a land project. Project land in Cu Chi for more than half a year has created a new project fever although no specific planning information has been issued.

Allowing the state property information to go out and the project information speculation led to the status of land sales in Ho Chi Minh City project becomes chaotic, the land market real estate project concerned many concerns… In particular, the investor is responsible for the investment of thought, not careful; The state is responsible for distorting information that has a direct influence on the market and the beliefs of investors.

The “hidden corner” in the planning as well as land valuation project

In fact, most of the land after the planning decision is not open for sale because investors have bought before or the government has lined up in? This bureaucratic state of affairs has been going on for years, through a number of projects that have led people to lose faith in the administration, showing that people are leapfrogging and using tricks to buy land.

The information about the project planning as well as the organization of bidding for the project land were all originally arranged by the authorities from the form, content, participants … There are many project land only notified through a transmission. Pictures or announcements are available for attendance and items to have been resolved ever since.

Valuation of land in Ho Chi Minh City

The land plot has been planned ever since

When a piece of land is likely to be projected into a project site, buyers must rush ahead, and the seller must take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit. In the case where the planning takes place if investors are not on the line will not be invested to buy the land, the seller will be compensated by the government compensation at low prices to resell to large investors.

On the other hand, the regulations of the State Land Law are still many loose places, lack of funds to make investment project land of people are difficult. In the Land Law 2013 there is a regulation on land ownership of the state, but the valuation of land, as well as the cost of procedures for conversion of land use purposes, will be different in each locality.

Valuation of land in Ho Chi Minh City

The State must take measures to ensure the sanctioning of the Land Law

The imposition of tariffs makes it difficult for many people to invest in project land or to make it difficult to convert land. On the other hand, for those who have hooked up with the government to give attractive incentives not only cause market imbalance, pushing up the land price of the project but also cause loss of state budget.

It can be said that investment in land sales projects is a real estate investment development and bring more efficiency. However, investors need to thoroughly understand the project planning information as well as grasp the opportunity for investors to benefit. For the Government to take measures to rectify the government machinery and rebuild the Land Law with more stringent regulations and regulations to minimize losses and stabilize the project land market in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and country in general.

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