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Information On Taxes And Fees When Buying Masteri Apartment In District 4

Masteri Millennium

How is the maintenance fee, management fee and the certificate of ownership of the Masteri Millennium 4 apartment?

Who is managing the operation of the Masteri Millennium apartment building in District 4?

The management unit of the Masteri Millennium building in District 4 is Savills. Savills is a leading provider of professional management services in Asia-Pacific. In Vietnam, Savills currently manages about 2.5 million sqm, including high-grade commercial centers and high-grade apartments.

Masteri Millennium
Picture sample home project

When will Master’s Millennium 2% maintenance fee be due? How is this changed?

A 2% maintenance fee is payable before the delivery of the Masteri Millennium apartment. This fee is calculated on the sale price excluding VAT.

Does the Masteri Millennium apartment price include land use fees?

The price of the Masteri Millennium apartment includes the land use fee of the project.

How much does management charge? Does management change over time? And on what basis is this calculated? When to pay this fee?

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Masteri Millennium
The highlight of the Masteri Millennium District 4 project

* Management fee is set out in the Millennium apartment sale contract.

* Depending on the management and operation of the condominiums, if the management fee is not guaranteed to operate, the investor (during the time the Board has not yet set up) or the Managing Board shall consider the adjustment on the basis Select a suitable management unit through the condominium conference.

* This fee is calculated based on the costs incurred to operate the Millennium condominium, such as: expenses for management/management, sanitation, security, green fees and other relevant costs …

* But this cost does not include other expenses such as: car, fuel, water, energy, television service, contact information and other service charges. Service for the exclusive use of owners, condominium users (Article 106 of the Housing Act 2014).

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What fees do you have to pay for your Millennium apartment?

* Registration fee: 0.5% of the value of the Millennium apartment (the value of the apartment for tax purposes is not the value of the purchase contract that will be calculated according to state regulations => normal value. Lower than the value on the purchase contract).

* The fee for drawing and measuring fees is about VND 1 million/unit.

* Charge appraisal, check drawing (this fee is in accordance with government regulations and now some districts have abandoned this fee => this fee about 100-300 thousand).

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