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The informations about Swan Park urban area project

Swan Park Project

Swan Park is a project located on the front of Ring Road 3, where it borders with District 9 and Saigon East towards Vung Tau. It converges many of Saigon’s most important arteries to help people move quickly to key areas of the city.

Swan Park Nhon Trach – the most alive place in Saigon East

 Swan Park Nhon Trach owns a location right in the administrative center of Nhon Trach new city. This is the leading economic service, satellite’s top service in the top rank in Saigon.

Swan Park Nhon Trach is located in the East Saigon urban area of ​​Swan City invested by Fortune Land Development Group Co. Although the project has not been completed, it has been evaluated as a worthy product for residential, investment, modern industrial area and the best today.

Swan Park Area Convenience
The prime location of the Swan Park project

SwanPark has a total area of ​​94 hectares combined with the existing industrial cluster in Nhon Trach, which has created a great economic and service-trade breakthrough for Nhon Trach in the future.

SwanPark has a construction density of only 17% and the rest is reserved for public utilities such as swimming pool; green Park; play area for children; The total project has 710 villas and townhouses, of which:

+ 7-storey commercial townhouses, designed to build 7.2 m x 21 m

+ Small Townhouse has 340 units, designed area of ​​6.3 m x 17 m

+ Big Townhouse with 216 units 6.3 m x 17 m

+ Semi detached villa: 52 units; 9.3 m x 19.4 m

+ Villa: 30 units 11.8 m x 19.8 m

Service extensions are deploying

The ultimate lifestyle for Swan Park residents with a perfect service chain
Service benefits bring life to the peak for Swan Park residents

+ International school level 1,2,3.

+ International Kindergarten.

+ Riverine landscape park.

+ International trade center and hospital.

+ 5 star restaurants

+ The center of sports and entertainment for residents.

Life On Level, Upstream With Swan Park City

 SwanPark is an urban area not only a place for people to choose to live but also a product that will help you and your family enjoy the green space, fresh and bold resort. , the environment is cool and away from the noise of dust and smelly in the city. Especially when you live here, you will feel like living in a world separated from the outside world, giving residents a high-class lifestyle.

Swan Park Project
Swan Park brings modern life, class to all residents

The whole project with green elements – clean – beautiful, close to nature living green is the core value in design style to create a luxurious living space, luxury but still ensure not lose resort property for future residents of the project.

When you come to experience this project, you can see a campus full of green grass, flowers blended with light green grass. The project features French colonial style villas, along with modern townhouses in contemporary Asian-European style. Surrounding the project is surrounded by trees, rivers and water to bring residents here feel close to nature, heaven and earth.

The calm, dreamlike, fresh air as living in an island that makes any one come here to stop wanting to own a home right at here.

Currently, the project is being developed overall of the whole area, in the first phase is deploying the service facilities are considered the most advanced. This gadget is sure to please any and every customer. As expected from the investor, SwanPark Nhon Trach project will be completed and handed over in Q3 / 2019.

Besides the Swan Park project, Nhon Trach Swan Park project, the investor is deploying to develop Swan Bay Nhon Trach. Two projects will bring customers the highest quality products in the market.

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