Infrastructure is very important for HCMC real estate market

HCMC real estate market has gone into the orbit of the development revolutions

With a series of real estate projects across most segments from land, apartments, villas, … are launched to the market. Many experts say that is a good sign. It shows that the market has started in the orbit of development. Noteworthy is that the transport infrastructure is well connected, many new projects develop synchronously. It has pushed up the real estate market, especially in the mid-end segment.

Real estate experts have said that the HCM City market has developed relatively steadily. In those areas, the former is considered to be slow to develop as in the South. It is now thanks to the infrastructure and transportation has a certain speed of development. This good signal is believed to be largely due to the synchronous and better transport infrastructure.

The proeprty supply boom along the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway

HCM-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway: A typical image for transport infrastructure to promote real estate development

Impact of traffic infrastructure on real estate

Through observation can be seen that the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City has a clear shift. Areas that have good infrastructure development policy will inevitably pull the highlight from the real estate. In previous years, the center and the East of Ho Chi Minh City created many points. Then in 2017 and in the years to come, the West and South will be emerging instead.

According to many experts in the industry, the real estate market and transport infrastructure are always the “same friends” of each other at any time. In fact, the market in HCM City clearly shows this. With a population of about 13 million, the demand of HCMC residents on housing is extremely high. But most of them are middle-income and low-income people, so they can only buy houses in the suburbs.

However, most of them work in the central area. Therefore, in order to effectively implement the demolition, reduce the burden on the central pole. Ho Chi Minh City needs to invest more in the infrastructure of the coastal area.

real estate in HCMC

Impact of traffic infrastructure on real estate

When transport infrastructure ensures easy connection. The need to own a house in the coastal area becomes a “land of humanity”. Then there will be more real estate businesses going to the outskirts. To meet the housing demand of the people, they will develop more projects.

Throughout the development of the real estate market can easily see where the infrastructure and transport are growing fast and strong. Immediately there the real estate market will grow fast non-stop. Therefore, when the city focuses on developing transport infrastructure in the subdivision, the real estate market of this city will also develop more evenly.

In particular, HCM City leaders also said: The city always red carpet, calling and supporting investors. To attract their participation in investment in transport infrastructure.

More than 100 PPP projects in the city, mainly transport infrastructure projects. With huge capital, always the top priority city sent to private investors. It will also create the most favorable conditions for investors to share the burden of the city budget.

Transport infrastructure

Transport infrastructure is the key factor for Ho Chi Minh City to implement the strategy of reducing the burden on the central area.

Breakthrough infrastructure, the value of the project is enhanced

A series of infrastructure projects, key projects have been and will be quickly started. When done, they will create higher values ​​for the projects it passes through. Specifically, this year and the following year. Nam will be expanded to develop more key roads. Aiming to connect the South with the city center becomes more convenient.

Especially the projects: widening Huynh Tan Phat street to 30m connecting to Nguyen Van Linh, District 7; Thu Thiem 4 Bridge is 2km long, connecting from Nguyen Van Linh (South, District 7) to Thu Thiem New Urban Area (District 2).

Metro lines 1,2,3,4

Metro lines 1,2,3,4 are the key cards that HCM City has to promote real estate in the coastal areas.

In addition, a number of other key projects with a total registered capital of nearly $ 5 billion. Their purpose is to connect the South to the city center.

As the metro route 4, connecting District 7, Ha Be district with the central district is the largest investment. Underground tunnel system, overpass at Nguyen Van Linh crossroad – Nguyen Huu Tho. In addition to the facilities outside the area has been developed as: RMIT University, FV Hospital, VivoCity, Crescent Mall, BigC, Lotte Mart, CoopMart, … All will bring vibrant life and comfort for residents in coastal areas.

Most of the people have to invest in Phu Thuan Street, connecting from Mui Dieu Red to the most urban area of ​​Phu My Hung. It can be said that the road will be the most important road to create momentum for development in the Phu Thuan Ward in the future.

According to the experts, with a series of key and large-scale infrastructure projects in the past as well as here. Saigon real estate market will always hold the position, worthy of the position of economic leader of the country.

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