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Infrastructure In Saigon East

Infrastructure in Saigon East

According to the plan until 2025, the East will become a center of knowledge and high technology city of Ho Chi Minh City and focus on many large transport infrastructure projects. Real estate projects in this area have strong potential for development thanks to the development of transport infrastructure.

Opportunity to raise prices due to infrastructure

The development of the first metro line in the East gives this area much utility. In fact, in developed countries, in areas with safe metro lines, convenience passes, the value of real estate projects increases over time. In Japan or the United States, the metro causes real estate projects to follow the metro lines by from 7.5% to 20%.

~~>>See more information about the real estate law here: Vietnam real estate law

Besides the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line 1, there is also Ben Thanh – Tham Luong metro line 2. In the second stage of the project, the metro line is expected to begin with Ben Thanh underground station, crossing the Saigon River and then connecting to the metro station at Mai Chi Tho Avenue and finishing at the intersection  Mai Chi Tho – Dong Van Cong Expressway.

Infrastructure in Saigon East
The development of the first metro line in the East gives this area many amenities.

Meanwhile, the City People’s Committee has approved a series of large-scale projects such as Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, Thu Thiem tunnel, Sai Gon 2 bridge, Ha Noi highway, these projects will reduce the congestion on Dong Van Cong – this is the factor that can promote the development of the Thu Thiem property area.

Real estate projects in Mai Chi Tho, Binh Trung Tay such as Kusto Home, Capital Land, Keppel Land and Mapple Tree are attracting the market‘s attention thanks to the peaceful, peaceful living space. It can benefit greatly when the project of rotation of My Thuy and Saigon river bridge project is completed. The high land and modern bridges are now helping to make the area more advantageous.

East area – new destinations meet the golden criteria

Surrounded by the Saigon River, the East enjoys the benefits of modern infrastructure and is conveniently connected to the central area. All these factors are real estate investors are summarized into the gold criteria: “The first is near center, the second is near river, the third is near a road.”

Infrastructure in Saigon East
Diamond Island Project with the panoramic view of Saigon River.

“Centre” is now not only means “market”, but also developed in a wider sense: the city center. Currently, the elite not only cares about criteria near the center but also want to live in quiet space, away from the noise of the city. Meanwhile, “giang” is always a factor to be considered by the East. It is the beginning element of life, the movement of water will build up alluvium, bring living energy and fortune to the landlord.

Thanks to the advantages of infrastructure, Mai Chi Tho and Binh Trung Tay areas will emerge with advantages near the city center. Projects with direct vision of the Saigon River will benefit most. Many large projects of prestigious brands in this area such as Kusto Home, Keppel Land, Novaland, the project which owns 3 faces of Diamond Island … will benefit from these three golden criteria.

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