Interior Design For Small Houses

How to design and decorate space for small beautiful home is always a problem that makes homeowners a headache as this type of house increasingly popular.

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Nowadays, anywhere you can easily find beautiful houses in small areas, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. With many smart designs, they will surely surprise you because of the impeccable utility and aesthetics.

Nice house with beautiful garden

Usually, with small houses, they will make use of every area to build houses. And you will wonder how to design a beautiful garden when the living space is not enough?

The answer is simple, instead of planting trees under the ground, they will put them on the terrace. Anyway, this is also the empty space is left open wasted.

Small home interior design

A garden on the terrace modeling style for nice little home

The terrace garden is now considered to be one of the best solutions for small, beautifully designed houses where homeowners have increased the aesthetics of the home, solving the problem of food safety. Just turning them into a naturally cooled air conditioner is extremely effective.

Beautiful home with smart appliances

In a nice, small area, people often fancy furniture incorporating many features – also known as a smart interior. With these types of appliances, homeowners can take advantage of a variety of tasks, saving significant space.

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Small home interior design

Looks like this is a normal sofa

Small home interior design

But it can turn into a quiet bed just after a few small operations

Thanks to the intelligent interior system for small houses that now, people are not afraid of buying a nice home with limited area. The houses are only a few dozen square meters, but still, provide comfortable living space for the whole family.

Expansion of beautiful space small area by mezzanine

With the addition of mezzanine, the homeowner does not need to spend too much on construction costs because this is not a two-story house, does not require the foundation must be very solid and the quality material does not need to be too high.

Small home interior design

Build mezzanine to help expand the beautiful space significantly

The mezzanine space can be utilized as a study and bedroom. Space below will be arranged as living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet. The mezzanine helps the homeowner expand the living space, ensuring the privacy it needs. Therefore, the mezzanine is more and more people choose for small homes beautiful design.

In addition, the beautiful small area can be extended by the construction of glass walls, open more windows to receive natural sunlight, use bright colors or reduce the narrowness, depth of the room by separating walls. In general, with the small house design advances as today, a small area is no longer a big problem.

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