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Interior Design Trends In The Living Room

Interior design trends in the living room

According to many predictions, the trend of living room design is changing much. New styles like vintage, retro, santorini or natural will replace the old ones. Besides, the layout expressing the character of the homeowner is also very popular.

  1. Santorini style – breath from the Mediterranean

Inspired by the Mediterranean-Santorini autonomous region, the new interior style was born and quickly became a new trend.

Santorini style

The highlight of the Santorini style is two shades of dark blue and white. Bring to the beauty but still very delicate and aesthetic. But not so without the inside becomes boring.

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The selected living room furniture is simple and without redundancy or cumbersome. The perfection of this style and just enough for both comfort and aesthetics. Each interior is intended to beautify the living space without causing you to see them meaningless.

Interior design trends in the living room
Living room furniture Santorini

Besides, the beauty of Santorini style is in harmony with space and light outside. The door frame, ceiling light to light to create a feeling of peace in the room.

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  1. Vintage style – the classic is not boring

A small group of girls loves the vintage style. Vintage classic homepage will make you feel like the air in the old space full of elegance. In order to create a space that is bold in the classic, we just need to select some features such as accents and vintage motifs. But do not be too greedy to put all that classical. That can make the living room space become cumbersome.

Interior design trends in the living room
Vintage style living room

       3.Natural Style – Harmony with nature

This style is very popular. As more people began to prefer wood furniture. We can see natural styles in many Japanese home designs. With the lifestyle in harmony with nature, they also like living space with wooden furniture, using more trees to make life more relaxed and pleasant.

Interior design trends in the living room

  1. Retro style – a bit rebellious from the classic

Using the old breath but not as elegant as Vintage, retro style is the beauty of roughness.

Interior design trends in the living room
Stylish retro living room

If Vintage brings beauty to the elegant, beautiful retro style to see the personality somewhat rebellious. The highlight of this style in the details are “ugly”, dusty but extremely eye-catching and personality.

  1. Scanadican style – the beauty of Nordic

It is hard to forget about Scanadivan. With its Nordic character, this style offers the harmony of elegance, generosity and a bit of classicity. It can be said that this is the style of furniture which is very popular in many places. By the simplicity and ease of integration with the modern architecture of many countries.

Interior design trends in the living room
The Scanadivan style guest room

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