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International hospitals around Palm Garden

Thao Dien hospital

Palm Garden project is located in the center of district 2, surrounded by lathe system The interior is quite complete and complete. Realestatevietnam will present international hospitals and clinics near Palm Garden District 2.

Area of ​​project of Palm Garden apartment district 2

Real estate is a valuable asset, so customers are often more demanding and demanding than conventional products, especially when there are many options with many high class segmen projects District 2 to consider.

The Palm Garden apartment is located in a convenient location – front of Long Thanh – Gia Dien expressway, one of the most prominent projects in the East Saigon area. Along with the formation and development of the surrounding urban areas, the fortune project owning a system of external utility is quite full and abundant, including the system of hospitals and clinics nearby.

Thao Dien hospital
Thao Dien hospital

International hospitals around Palm Garden

The society is growing more and more attention is paid attention to health care. One of the most important customer concerns is the hospital system and the clinic adjacent to the surrounding area. Good health care is on the rise. While the growth associated with that is environmental pollution and many new diseases that directly affect people.

Palm Garden District 2 owns a number of internationally-recognized international hospitals, ensuring the full range of health care and medical needs of its residents. care with modern equipment and a team of highly trained doctors. With the quality of medical care services like that, but the cost you pay is very affordable compared to what you receive .

According to the plan, Palm City is planned with a large scale and quite complete. It is best to mention the medical center to reach

American standard area up to 10,000 sqm. With modern equipment system, professional medical staff, dedicated and American standards, medical center within the area.

In addition, around the project of luxury apartment Palm Garden Keppel Land within 5km of refill, many hospitals and clinics meet international standards. Help people quickly access the most timely medical services.

International hospital VinMec

VinMec international hospital is located in Vinhom Center Park, about 10 minutes drive from Palm Garden. Located on the front of Nguyen Huu Canh is the region’s premier health care and medical facility.

VinMec Binh Thanh has a large area of ​​38,643 m2, including 7 floors and 3 basements, 178 beds, 16 fully diversified specialties and the most specialized support centers.

Family Medical Practice International Clinic

Family Medical Practice is a 100% foreign-invested clinic with branches throughout the country. This international clinic is only 10 minutes away from the Palm Garden apartment project in District 2.

Highly rated for the quality of services and medical services, Family Medical Practice will be the perfect clinic for future residents in the project.

 American International Hospital

The specific address of the American International Hospital is at Nguyen Hoang Street, An Phu Ward, District 2. This is the first international hospital to be built in accordance with the medical model in the US, about 7 minutes ride.

The hospital scale of up to 150 beds with modern medical equipment and professional and experienced medical team will be the place for medical treatment and excellent health care for customers. .

With this article, we have gathered and shared the latest information about the international hospital system surrounding the Palm Garden Keppel Land high-end residential project for our customers. With the advantage of location, convenient location and excellent diversity of investment and trustworthy investors, the project highly appreciated the potential and value in the future. .

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International hospitals around Palm Garden

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