Invest in real estate safely, efficiently thanks to these 8 tips

Choosing a good location, buying a property with high liquidity, surveying in the evening to calculate the true rate of completion of the project … is one of the effective investment real estate.

Tip 1: Location is above all

The position of the property is one of the leading and most important factors that make up the value as well as the basis for asset valuation. Selecting a product with a good position means that the land has high potential for development, especially the potential of “creating” (the speed of urban formation, attracting people to live in). Only when densely populated will the value of new real estate increase.

Tip 2: Survey the project in the evening

Many people have a habit of looking at real estate projects during the day but at that time they have to work (not at home), can not see the activity and vitality of the residential area. Therefore, daytime survey is necessary but additional surveys are required in the evening, starting at 20-21h. At that time, the light bulb or the open house, the number of people in the project is the most visible.

beautiful apartment

Buyers should watch real estate in both morning and evening

Tip 3: Select the right property for your finances

If you have to borrow, do not borrow more than 50% of real estate value to avoid the burden of paying interest as well as limit the pressure to pay floating interest outside the financial ability. Carefully calculate the cash flow for the next payment to avoid the pressure or loss of money to sell the property causing losses.

Tip 4: Buy only liquid assets

Should be directed at real estate that creates added value, can stay, or rent out immediately or in the shortest possible time. Investment in this type of property in addition to monthly rent, there is added value over time.

Buyers should carefully select high-liquidity projects

Buyers should carefully select high-liquidity projects

Tip 5: carefully scrutinize the project, screening strong brands to select the face of sending gold

Investors should select products of reputable real estate investors. They are well-intentioned companies that develop quality projects, demonstrate strong financial standing, are willing to provide legal clarity, and have good after-sales support.

Tip 6: Focus on social infrastructure planning and traffic connection

Accordingly, the living environment must be fresh, airy, well planned. If finances are good, long-term capital flows should be identified, so investment is anticipated in areas where infrastructure is being prepared or connected, as the rate of return will be high. Acceptable distance from the center, but traffic must be convenient and full.

Tip 7: Belongs to the question of geodesy

Priority is given to places where the land value is higher than the construction cost. Minimum price per square meter of land must be more than double the price of one square meter of construction. This is a criterion for the rate of urbanization in proportion to the land price. For example, the current common unit price is VND 3 million per square meter. If the land price is lower than this level, the process of attracting population is very slow. In contrast, where the land price is higher than the construction cost many times, the speed of urbanization there is very fast.

Tip 8: Community Concerns

Be sure to survey your neighbors before deciding to buy a property. Can be surveyed day and night, Saturday and Sunday to get the most overview of the community in the investment choice area. Good neighbors, civilized community is also one of the criteria to help increase real estate prices.

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