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Should invest in kenton node high end project?

Development of District 7 Market

Kenton node is a city designed specifically to address climate change, ensuring 100 years of sustainability and beyond.

Should buy high-end Kenton node apartment? And the answer will make you happy

Considering the position, terrain we can recognize this is a project convergence of all three factors, near the river, near the town and near the main road. With 2 sides of Rach Dia River and small canyon, take advantage of the wind and sky and large tropical gardens in Kenton node hotel create moments of relaxation, gathering with your small family.

Convenient access opens up multi-directional connections to the Kenton Node Hotel, providing convenient access to the center, limiting traffic congestion, and connecting to neighboring areas. Beside that is very good feng shui, the land compensation, great sandy benefits.

Kenton Node
An overview of the Kenton Note project

To decide which investment to invest in a real estate project, the first thing that customers are interested in is the location.

 Project location: 116A, Nguyen Huu Tho, Phuoc Kien Ward, Nha Be Dist. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Location, orientation are a strong point when it comes to Kenton node hotel, Located in a convenient location for transportation, and can connect quickly with the main and central routes such as:

Connect with District 1 quickly only 7 minutes. 15 minutes from Phu My Hung urban area. Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway 20 minutes away from ViVo City Commercial Center: 3 minutes.

Kenton Node District 7
Kenton Note owns a very favorable location that any project is desperate to get

Besides Kenton Node Hotel District 2 can connect quickly with a number of places, services, medical education extremely convenient and fast as: France Hospital 8 minutes, RMIT University 5 minutes, Supermarket Lotte Mart 7 minutes, Saigon South International School 7 minutes.

Modern amenities in District 7 luxury apartments promise to satisfy all customers.

With the desire to bring the most comfort to residents in Kenton apartment District 7, so the owner has built a lot of facilities both inside and outside the project, typical we can Kenton Node International School, Kenton Node International Hospital, Outdoor Theater, Luxury Offices, 5- star Hotel Standard.

In addition to the park, walking, shopping centers, services rich, diverse, Sky Pearl lake landscape is extremely beautiful: this is considered a highlight in the utility of the project. Kenton Node District 7, attracting a large number of customers.

Swimming pool Kenton Node
Swimming pool is only available at Kenton Note District 2

You also enjoy the great utility of the interior: the largest aerial theater in Vietnam international comparison, Luxury resort welcome: the level should be the owners, Elip Sports Stadium, High class restaurants: with full of domestic and foreign dishes, restaurant space is very luxurious, beautiful view in the urban project Kenton Node Hotel Complex (District 7 – Nha Be), Restaurant, school, play area, outdoor barbecue area, sports center …

The sudden preference when quick order buy Kenton high-end apartment.

During the first phase of the Kenton Node Super Apartment project, the investor will offer several preferential sales policies, an investment opportunity for investors who are quick to respond. Completion of basic European furniture, this is the best price in the segment of luxury apartments in the South.

With a central location and riverside location, Kenton Node apartments are extremely easy to rent with great rates. If you are looking for a property for rent with good returns, visit and explore investment opportunities at the Kenton Node project.

Kenton node
Living space that the owner wants to bring residents

On August 12, 2017, K2, K3A, K4A were officially opened for sale with the preferential price of VND40-42 million (VAT included).

Have you decided to buy down Kenton high-end apartments? Hurry to own a luxury apartment at the Kenton node super project, what you get is a quality life, modern conveniences for the whole family.

Do you love sports as well as your body shape and health?

In addition to the tropical garden, the health facilities will accompany the residents like Gym Club with modern equipment, Spa, health center, mini football field, tennis court, golf court . With a healthy living environment, leveraging the air, energy saving will be the goal that Kenton node hotel is aiming for you.

It will be a good time for all of you to go running, exercise each morning, and register your membership at the Gym with state-of-the-art equipment Or after work, you and your friends organize tennis competitions, badminton …

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Should invest in kenton node high end project?

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