How to invest in real estate in District 2 Dat Xanh project to big profit

District 2 Dat Xanh is a “hot spot” real estate, with extremely open potential and attractive profitability on every inch of land.

Gem Riverside is a luxury apartment project owned by Dat Xanh Group. The project is located in the South Rach Chiec residential area, between two Palm City residential areas of Keppel Land and LakeView of Novaland. Gem Riverside District 2 is considered the most luxurious and largest apartment projects of the Group Green today. At present, the Gem Riverside project is accepting reservations and preparing to open the first phase.

Gem Riverside Project

Overview of Gem Riverside project of Dat Xanh  investor in District 2

For real estate developers who are planning to invest in Dat Xanh  District 2 – Gem Riverside. Depending on the purpose you want, you should look for the form of investment that you think is the most appropriate, before the diagnosis and careful examination of every aspect. Choosing the form of business investment in accordance with demand but still promote the potential of the project and the development of the market will bring optimal profit for investors.

Below, we would like to give you a reference for investors at the project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh district 2.

Investing in surfing at Dat Xanh Project District 2 is advised not to try

Typically, the investment in surfing style “eating at the time” is identified as the type of purchase and then sell quickly after 2-4 months, when the profit by investors is enough to “push “The apartment goes. And then, continue to use that money to reinvest in more attractive items.

This is a very popular investment method, however, it carries a high risk. Because sometimes you do not have money available, you need to get a bank loan and calculate the time to pay. For example, if you happen to be experiencing a freezing housing crisis like this, you may be in debt. But of course, this only happens when you have not properly assessed the current status of your property.

The Gem Riverside project is located in the South Rach Chiec

Project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh – “strategic chess” for the great progress of the Green Land brand

In general, we recommend that you do not try the Gem Riverside apartment building in District 2. Because of this, the Green Land District 2 project has a very large number of apartments (over 3,100 units) 2 also holds a lot of similar luxury apartment categories, leading to the level of competition is very fierce. When investing in surfing, the chances of success are there, though it is not high. Therefore, you should not risk the surfing investment, but should “be patient” waiting for the next opportunity.

Investing to buy and sell Gem Riverside apartments in District 2 is considered as a safe investment

Buying and selling in the future when the price of real estate increased is an investment opportunity is also very interesting. With the project of Gem Riverside apartment district 2, you can fully try this form of investment without worrying about losses. This is considered to be a very good investment, for those who have little capital but want to “do business”.

Project Gem Riverside Apartment District 2 located in the South Rach Gia, located in quite good location, easy to move to the central area. On the other hand, after the completion of the South Rach Chiec Sports Complex, this area will be very exciting for national and regional sports. As a result, activities in the supply chain of housing will in turn form. This will increase the value of the property here. In addition, the location next to the Meng Kinh River helps bring prosperity to the project.

Site map at Gemriverside District 2

Area link diagram at Gem Riverside District 2

This safeguard helps you capture the project’s potential and will not have to worry about anything. Assuming that you do not sell as you wish, the apartment will still be here, it will be yours and not for long periods of time. Of course, it is not necessary to stay and then sell, since from the moment of booking to the delivery of the house price of the Riverside has soared, you can consider selling to make a profit.

Long term investment in the form of buying the Gem Riverside apartment for rent

Apartment in District 2 Green Land is a good choice for you to invest in a long-term rental apartment. Because the area where the Gem Riverside condominium project is located a convenient transportation and easy access for anyone to move to downtown and neighboring districts.

Besides, District 2 is only planned by the city, so the price of land is quite soft. And in the next few years, when Thu Thiem new urban area is completed, housing prices will increase, people everywhere will go to district 2 to live, study and work, so the demand for rent apartment will be very large.

Gem Riverside District 2

Gem Riverside District 2 – The perfect choice for your family

So, if you are investing in the Gem Riverside project in District 2 from now, in just a few years, you can start to make a profit from long-term rental. By the end of the day, you will soon be able to hold your apartment without spending money, since you have gradually leased from your tenants.

Based on the above analysis, we believe that the project of Gem Riverside Dat Xanh will be a hot project in the first half of 2018. While the supply of apartments in District 2 is slowly decreasing due to tightening from the government, grasping a Gem Riverside product will bring a great advantage to investors.

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