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Should invest in resort property?

vinpearl Phu Quoc villas

With the advantage of tourism development, real estate resort, especially sea villas Vinpearl is creating a big wave for investment, so the question when the ownership of 3 billion should invest in resort villa project? are disturbed by a lot of customers.

To answer these issues, many experts said that with a capital of 3 billion in one or more investment channels are anxious and anxious investors. Therefore, resort real estate is in need of stable and long-term investment capital, which is the investment channel bringing many challenges with the division of cash flow to suit the most effective.

With a diversified investment strategy or synchronous investment depends on the situation, but it is difficult to answer the question of whether to buy Vinpearl Beach Villas? So, the main problem here is that you need to choose real estate investment, how is it attractive enough, good quality, not reputable investors? Because if you disperse the funds of many categories, choose real estate products are not good, the profitability is not.

In case, the customer owns VND3 billion, real estate investment resort is the right choice. With the development advantages as now, the segment of resort property has the potential for long-term development, bringing high economic efficiency. And in that trend, everyone’s average income has grown, and the number of rich people has grown rapidly, prompting the demand for luxury property. Therefore, investing in Vinpearl is the most objective.

Vinpearl Phu Quoc
Invest in Vinpearl Phu Quoc

Therefore, investors should consider one of the following two options with the investment capital of VND 3 billion to have the latest view:

– Customers save bank, interest rates are 7 – 8%, the customer will collect about 210 to 240 billion. But, in the context of the situation, keeping cash will be in a slump. Therefore, deduct the rate of inflation, the form of savings deposit is almost no interest, profit.

– Customers invest in Vinpearl Resort Villas quality, Vingroup reputable investors. With a profit commitment of at least 10%, sharing up to 85% of the profits from the rental program, enjoying 15 free nights, customers buy Vinpearl villa not only have annual revenue gains but There is a time to balance life.

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Vinpearl Resort Real Estate has put into operation immediately with the profitability as high as 12% but the rent has an interest rate of 8 – 9% per year, so the profit deducted to bank interest. Therefore, After 10 years, the interest rate of the bank gradually decreases and the value of the asset increases, so the new customer can calculate the actual cash flow from this superior investment.

With the above comparison, VND3 billion, investors should choose the villa resort Vinpearl.

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Should invest in resort property?
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