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Investing in Vinpearl resort beach villa – worth investment channel in 2017

Vinpearl Beach Resort

If you really want to invest for a long time, invest in Vinpearl Resort Villas of Vingroup Group. It is the intention of investors after researching the real estate investment channel in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang or Da Nang. So, the resort products of Vingroup Group has advantages. to be able to persuade investors?

Vinpearl Beach Resort – Leading the trend of consumption

During the period of the real estate market of Vietnam has returned to stable today, the segment of real estate resort is new investors are more interested in the advantages of this investment channel. Many big investors have evaluated the potential of strong development of the resort segment in the field of resort and resort services.

Vinpearl Beach Resort
Vinpearl Beach Resort – Leading the trend of consumption

Vingroup is a pioneer in leading the consumption trend towards higher living standards, bringing the beach products of Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc …

Moreover, resort products in Vingroup are built, invested more scale, more synchronized. Most of the condominiums in this group are fully furnished such as sea villas, hotels, services and 5 star facilities. With the desire to bring customers the best experience impression.

This is also the advantage of Vinpearl Resort Villas investment by Vingroup Group.

Invest in Vinpearl – The land promises high profit and stability

Another advantage to mention is that Vinpearl Resort Villas of Vingroup Group is a land of high promise, long-term and stable, extremely relaxed, leisurely.

This is evidenced by the fact that when customers choose to invest in Vinpearl Beach Villas, customers are entitled to participate in the villa rental program, enjoying attractive policies from this investment channel.

Customers are committed to receiving 85% of the annual rental income from the rental program. In the first 10 years, the profit per year is not less than 10%.

Loan support up to 65% of the villa and 0% preferential interest rate in the first 2 years and 8 years interest rate.

Customers will receive 3 years of profit and equivalent to 25% of the value of Vinpearl villa, which is directly deducted from the price of the villa.

Customers also receive up to 15 free nights in the Vinpearl resort and resort system nationwide.

With the above advantages, the investment in Vinpearl Resort’s branded villas by investors of Vingroup Group has become a real choice for real estate investors to choose and long-term partners for. After researching real estate projects throughout the country. Therefore, investment in Vinpearl villas is a good channel for 2017.

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Investing in Vinpearl resort beach villa – worth investment channel in 2017

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