Investment Trends High – End Apartment In Ho Chi Minh City

In recent years, investment in luxury apartments is one of the hottest topics in the real estate market of Saigon in particular and the property market in Vietnam in general.

It is the tendency, the construction of high-end urban area as a turning point brings both opportunities and challenges in the planning and development of our property industry.

Investment Apartment in Ho Chi Minh


Luxury apartments and high-end apartment projects

From 2015, the investment trend of high-end apartment projects will flourish through the “big” projects such as Vinhomes Gardenia, Gamuda Gardens in Hanoi and Masteri Thao Dien, Sky Center or The Sun Avenue in Ho Chi Minh City. Whether or not an apartment is rated high-end or not depends on a variety of factors ranging from planning area, synchronicity, high level, technical infrastructure, social facilities, utilities. ….

Currently, high-end apartment projects are being introduced by investors into planning areas and large-scale projects to fully exploit its enormous potentials.

Investment Apartment in Ho Chi Minh

Model house of Masteri Thao Dien project

Why investment trends in high-end apartment project so hot?

Apartment projects are classified in the high-end segment of high-end property in a complex of expensive properties with a small amount of property. Until now, the investment trend of people in the high-end apartment building has never shown signs of cooling down, why?

First of all, the standard in the construction of high-end urban areas consists of three main elements: building materials must be environmentally friendly and of the best quality; The equipment attached to the house must ensure absolute safety for the user; Construction design must create cool, fresh air, bring natural light into the apartment.

In terms of area, a luxury apartment must have a minimum area of 70 sqm or more, the bedroom area must be over 20 sqm. In addition, the use of items such as bathroom construction, kitchen, living room of the standard high-end apartment project must be more than 100 years.

Investment Apartment in Ho Chi Minh


An equally important element that attracts many people to invest in high-end condominium projects is the prestigious contractor, favorable location and synchronous landscape design that brings credibility, convenience as well as fast. Create a friendly feel for people. Compared with other models of housing, high-end apartments not only overcome many major shortcomings in design but also create their own level and class of high-end housing. An “upscale” standard apartment should have a well-furnished facility, with at least 2 toilets in the same apartment, toilet and kitchen fully furnished according to European standards or as desired. Hosts must be above basic floor level.

The trend of investing in luxury apartment projects is becoming more and more hot as ever because it has been bringing value and dreams to many people’s future lives. What better than living in a spacious apartment with all the conveniences, besides the kind and successful people who are responsible to the community. With state-of-the-art security systems, high-end urban areas are protected to a high degree of safety and humanity. Not only in each high-end apartment but in each building of a high-end apartment, there are amenities such as beauty, culture, sports and entertainment adjacent.

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Investment Apartment in Ho Chi Minh

The La Astoria facility is extremely varied and rich in services with walking halls, gyms, sports facilities and outdoor activities

The future of investment trends in luxury apartment projects

The market for high-end apartments in Vietnam is still quite young and rich in potential. While the demand for customer ownership is high, high-end urban areas are relatively limited. Not because we do not have the capacity to build the supply, but because each project is calculated and selected with a vision of decades, it takes time to complete.

Investment Apartment in Ho Chi Minh

Bedroom apartments are luxuriously decorated and eye-catching

It can be concluded that in the near future, high-end apartment projects may become one of the most important real estate market shares of Vietnam in the era of economic integration.

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