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Investment trends in rental housing

The rental market is suitable for small and medium investors

While real estate is a high value asset, there is still a way to invest in real estate where investors do not have to have too much money. That is the form of housing investment.

Real estate for rent – the “swordfish” form of small and medium investors

Real estate investment is one of the fastest-growing forms that many investors are turning to today. However, not all forms of investment in real estate investors can participate in, especially if you do not have large capital. Grant Cardone, a US real estate expert with years of experience, said in his book, “If you do not have millions of dollars in your account, do not think about it.” The investment in real estate in the form of buying houses …. And wait for a while later when the market price rises and then sells again, because it’s an unsafe way to invest. ” Specifically, if you do not have a large amount of money to own a property for a long period of time, you will have to take out a mortgage, mortgage or mortgage to be able to own this estate. That’s not to mention the maintenance cost of the house or plot you’re investing in, just the amount of money each year you have to “pay” to pay off your debt made you sad.

the real estate in HCMC
Demand for housing in big cities such as HCMC is huge

Thus, according to experts in the form of real estate investment real estate rental is the effective form of investment and suitable for those who are looking to “encroach” into the housing market. This method does not require investors to have more capital can help to earn a regular monthly income.

And with the market is hot spots such as HCMC and Hanoi, small and medium enterprises and investors are not able to compete with the “big” real estate. Choosing the form of “swordfish” from the investment of rental housing gradually become indispensable trend. In Ho Chi Minh City, the average apartment area is about 95-115sqm, the rental price usually falls to VND12-15 million / month (depending on the area), while the business area is about 100m2. in the range of VND15-20 million / sqm depending on the location. Thus, if the investment real estate for rent, investors can still turn their cash flow in a stable way and avoid risks when the housing market signs of deterioration.

Why do many people invest in real estate for rent?

– In big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang, as more and more people flock to these special economic zones to look for job opportunities, the prices of houses in these places are not stopping. Increase is understandable. The initial trend is that people will have to rent for several years, then save enough money to be independent. Therefore, real estate for rent, especially for rent for living is always potential.

Investors can avoid risks when the real estate market turns bad
Investors can avoid risks when the real estate market turns bad

– Rapid population growth, strong urbanization has created a huge demand for housing. The rental market has never cooled down and promises to grow for years to come.

– avoiding many risks is the advantage of the form of real estate rental. With a leveraged non-leveraging feature, or if a loan to channel investment is below 50%, this group of institutional investors can control revenue and profitability with a very stable nature. high.

The rental market is suitable for small and medium investors
The rental market is suitable for small and medium investors

– Although the housing market is going down, monthly rental investors will get regular cash flow.

– Real estate for rent, especially apartments in big cities, still maintain high mining capacity and even increase rents every 1-2 years. Room rental investment model is also considered a safe solution before the crisis of real estate or economic crisis.

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