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What is the investor of Palm Garden District 2?

Perspective of Palm Garden project design - Palm City

Palm Garden Apartment Project District 2 was developed by big real estate corporations.

Who are they, who have strong economic strengths, whether they are reliable or not, what are the basis of project development, … are the top concerns of the customer wanting?

Buy a home in Palm Garden today. This article Realestatevietnam  share some information about the investor Palm Garden District 2, a leading real estate development in Vietnam today.

Who is the investor of Palm Garden Apartments District 2?

Asking which apartment project is the name most mentioned in the real estate market in the east of Saigon today can not be ignored Palm Garden. It is the second stage of the metropolis of Palm City Keppel Land  district 2, the project is considered “superior” than his brother Palm Heights (Phase 1) with a slightly higher price.

By the end of 2017, only the project has been “causing fever” throughout the housing market of Ho Chi Minh City, not only attract potential customers but also a large force of small searchers seeking information. In this article, let’s also learn about the investor of the Palm Garden project in District 2 to see what the project is sponsored by the big guys, what is the highlight of the project and the start of the development of Palm Garden.

Is the Palm Garden project developer reputable?

Apartment project Palm Garden District 2 is invested and developed by three large investors that are Keppel Land, Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai. The combination of the three major real estate brings the perfect product crystallization, creating absolute confidence for many customers. If you are planning to buy a home or invest in the Palm Garden project, there is no need to worry about the quality of the building, living space and facilities of this place.

The combination of 3 large real estate corporations promises to bring many surprises to customers when enjoying living space in Palm Garden District 2. A perfect living space enhances the value of life suspicion

Perspective of Palm Garden project design - Palm City
Perspective of Palm Garden project

Investors create value class of Palm Garden project – Keppel Land

Keppel Land is one of the largest multinational conglomerates in Singapore, with diversified business development but spearheaded by real estate.

Keppel Land’s real estate market has expanded throughout Asia, and has invested in many of the world’s most prestigious high-end projects. In recent years, the real estate market in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, is the target of Keppel Land.

Particularly in the Vietnamese market, Keppel Land Real Estate Corporation has invested and built more than 20 large and small real estate projects, ranging from office buildings, apartments in District 2. All of this is highly appreciated by both professionals in terms of quality and aesthetics. All of this creates the opportunity to own better living space and perfect investment environment for many customers.

Invest in transparency, clear construction process, high quality of works and perfect living environment, the investor of Palm Garden District 2 – Keppel Land has achieved great success, bring guests long-term sustainable river value. This is also the reason that the Group is honored to be awarded with prestigious awards in the field of real estate such as: Best Developer in Vietnam; Best real estate award in Vietnam; Ranked in top 10 real estate developer in Vietnam; High-grade commercial project, …

Information about owner of Palm Garden District 2 – Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai

The two investors in the Palm Garden project District 2 can not fail to mention that is Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai. These are also two investors involved in developing the highest floor project in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the real estate market, Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai have a strong economic potential

Tien Phuoc investor
Tien Phuoc investor

The perfect evidence to help customers put their trust in the project of Palm Garden apartment district 2.

Investor Tran Thai
Investor Tran Thai

The great combination of three big names in the real estate market promises to bring the perfect customer – the perfect apartment in a perfect living space class. Come to Palm Garden apartment project to feel the best things that project investors want to communicate to customers.

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What is the investor of Palm Garden District 2?

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