The investor of the project 8b le truc announced to sue ba dinh district people’s committee, ha noi

The representative of the investor of the project 8B Le Truc said that Ha Noi broke the commitment to this enterprise

The authority of Ha Noi has completed phase 1 that floor 19 was destroyed.

“We request the authority to command the stop of 8B Le Truc destruction phase 2, compensate for customers and investors because of the wrong administrative decision during the past time.”

The statement was made by Le Van Hung, the Deputy general manager of Le Truc Sewing Joint-Stock company at the press meeting on 29/8 afternoon to inform about the progress of remedies of the investors during  over 2 past years.

Noticeably, at the meeting, the representative leaders of Le Truc Sewing Company said this enterprise sued Ba Dinh People’s Committee, Ha Noi.

About the result of remedy, Mr.Hung said, the authority of Ha Noi has completed phase 1 that floor 19 was destroyed. There is still no detail plan for destruction phase 2.

However, the investor said, the construction of 8B Le Truc building conforms to the detail zoning 1/500 approved by Ha Noi People’s Committee. Meanwhile, the coercive demolition not basing on the detail zoning but the building permit in 3/2014 is not in accordance with the law.

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Specifically, in 12/2008, Ha Noi People’s Committee issued the decision in which the maximum height of 8B Le Truc is 70m with a 17-floor mixed cluster and a 5-floor podium (not counting 2 technical floors and a roof floor). This 70m height also obeys the sentiment of Ministry of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army in the document in 1/2008).

Up to 3/2009, Ha Noi Architecture planning Department accepted the master plan of premises at the proportion of 1/500 and the architectural design option to its zoning criteria with a 69,1 high and 17-floor  building  including 17 floors, 2 technical floors and a roof floor.

In 4/2009, Ha Noi Facility Construction informed the appraisal result of the building with the height as the plan above. After that, in 2010, technical design document and the detailed design drawing of construction were apprised by Institute of Building Science and Technology and the Ministry of Construction. At that time, the investor- Le Truc Sewing Joint-Stock company started deploying the plan. However, in 2004, the investor was rejected and forced to accept the building permit with the 53 m high and 18 – floor building, different from the original one

“According to the law, if there is a change in the permit, it is needed to change the zoning and the one has the ability to do it is Ha Noi People’s Committee not Ha Noi Construction Department. This change has to be suitable with Vietnam building standard about building design” – said the representative of Le Truc Sewing company.

When the press wondered why the enterprisse didn’t feedbacked at the time of being rejected and issued the permit unappropriate with the detaled plan, the lawyer Le Van Thiep- Global Attorney’s Office, the sponsor agency of Le Truc Sewing company said: “At that time we haven’t consulted for the investor”.

According to the investor, the capital broke the commitment that the investor handed over the land building Tran Phu Street and its detailed plan of 70m high and 20 – floor building was approved.

“In order that the plan of 69.1 m high and 20-floor building was approved, Le Truc Sewing Joint-Stock company committed and handed over the capital 1,941 meter square to build Tran Phu stretch in a condition that the capital doesn’t compensate for another equivalent area”, Mr.Hung said.

Before that, in the report to the Prime Minister at the end of 2015, Ha Noi People’s Committee said the plan 8B Le Truc “is not in the zoning of Ba Dinh political center, and there is some violations in its construction progress.

Specifically, in the floor 8 (at Tran Phu stretch) there must be a 3,36m high-rise block to the podium, but the investor built it up to the roof. As designed, the echelon level in the East is 44m high, the buiding jerks in 15m and at the height of 50m, there is a further echelon of 5.3 m to the West, but the investor didn’t jerk, which causes an increase in the floor area of building.

According to the building permit, the height to the peak is 53m. In reality, the investor raised the floor height, further building floor 19, the total height is 69m (16m odd, equivalent to 5 floors).

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According to the building permit, the floor area is about 30,000 meter square; however, the investor built about 36,000 meter square, increasing by 6,000 meter square compared to the permit.

After that, the Prime Minister continuously commanded Ha Noi capital and the investor to overcome the violations above. The investor admitted the violations and committed to overcome.

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