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Investors in Hanoi dominated real estate market of Da Nang

Customers from Hanoi are overwhelmed by other localities as owners of most luxury coastal resorts in Da Nang.

From the investment habits leading to market dominance.

Habits of high-end real estate segment, do not hesitate to invest in remote projects. Strong financial resources, high returns and the opportunity to have a comfortable vacation. All that is necessary and sufficient conditions to create a strong attraction of the type of resort property for investors Hanoi.

A small survey conducted by CBRE Vietnam shows us that. Over 80% of apartments, villas in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phan Thiet, .. are now named customers from the capital. This is a shocking number for investors in the country because of the overwhelming of Hanoi customers with other regions when investing in real estate projects.

The condotel development projects in Da Nang
Customers from Hanoi are overwhelmed by other localities as owners of most high-end resorts

Cause the market dominance of capital investors.

According to many experts in the industry, the resort property “good season” for Hanoi investors derived from the habit of investing their real estate. Investors from the capital have long been interested in high-end real estate, which is of great value, just that they are class projects without hesitation in geographic distance.

The accumulation of a long-term process already has a large amount of money in hand. Then, bold and strong bold hands when looking for the most favorable project. It is also a prominent feature in the investment habits of the people of Hanoi as well as the north of the country.

In fact, investors from the north are always the real estate brokerage companies across the country to welcome. Because of the characteristics of the northern buyers, and especially their financial strength.

In addition, the real estate business through its experience also identified. Northerners often seek to buy new projects in emerging areas. Despite the great geographic distance, they always hunt for large potential projects that leave the distance in terms of distance. That is the reason that Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc … are becoming markets for Hanoi in particular and the North in general.

Condotel and officetel
Northern customers are not afraid of geographical distance. They just need to find good projects and bring high profits

In addition, if the investment habits are considered “necessary”, the “enough” condition for resort property of the city attracts tourists Hanoi. It is because these projects are profitable and they can also receive high quality holiday stays.

Especially, with the tendency to share profits from many investors in the recent time, it makes customers more interested in the first. At present, many projects in the market such as Da Nang and Nha Trang are making attractive promises of up to 10-12% per annum.

The magnet attraction named Da Nang.

Among the places are real estate investors are interested in the country … Thanks to natural favorable conditions natural, plus policies call for investment ventilation. Infrastructure is constantly upgraded, tourism potential is constantly exploited.

Da Nang. is a place that is considered as an attractive destination for investors in Hanoi. Even with the potential available, the number of visitors to Da Nang, especially investors from Hanoi, will increase in a few years.

According to the experts, in the reasons that Da Nang market attracts investors, the most important reason is the great potential of tourism … Da Nang’s tourism potential is fully utilized reasonably . By 2016 this market welcomes more than 5.51 million visitors. With a total revenue of $ 16 trillion from the key economic sector, the city is expected to grow even further.

Especially, with the climate in the North always has a cold winter. In the central region, especially Da Nang – the “capital” of resort property has stable weather, warm.

Especially suitable for travel, rest, health all year round. Especially in APEC 2017, Danang will also benefit from the trillions of government investment to upgrade key projects serving APEC.

One of the prominent residential real estate projects is attracting many customers in Hanoi, including Coco Ocean-Spa Resort, a project of Cocobay Da Nang.

Coco Ocean - Spa Resort
Coco Ocean – Spa Resort project of Cocobay Da Nang is the trend of the sea tourism market

This project has a model development strategy of “Wellness Condotel”. The price is only about VND1.8 billion per unit. However, customers only have to pay only once with the amount of VND790 million will be owned immediately. 60% of the remaining money was loaned to SHB by the time the project was handed over.

Share the reason Coco Ocean-Spa Resort attract investors in Hanoi. Representing the Empire Group: The new direction, concentrated investment in Spa & Fitness Center on a large scale has made the project highly liquid. Owning the condotel of this project, customers who have just owned luxury resort space, can earn a fixed profit in the future.

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Investors in Hanoi dominated real estate market of Da Nang

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