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Investors need to take risks in the real estate market in Phu Quoc

Real Estate Market Phu Quoc

The deep cause of the potential dangers in Phu Quoc.

We all know the financial power of many projects is not always as strong and flashy as in the campaign. The risk to the buyer when investing in the wrong direction of the virtual project is not small.

There are some businesses just want to buy land, project and then wait for transfer to other partners, eating differences. There is absolutely no investment intention seriously causing many customers to trap.

So how to avoid those risks and find the projects worthy of investment? Please also find the answer in the article below.

Infrastructure is a lever for the housing market to be more active, especially in the ground segment
Infrastructure is a lever for the housing market to be more active, especially in the ground segment

The domino effect affects real estate.

The crisis of the Chinese stock market makes it difficult for the economy. This event has some impact on the Vietnamese economy.

According to chain reactions, of course, the real estate market also affected.

The supply-demand imbalance will repeat and consumer confidence in this market will be shaky.

The imbalance is evident when high-end products are invested and open to widespread sales. While popular products for workers are extremely absent.

The first hotel condotel was built in Phu Quoc
High-end projects in Phu Quoc have been massively invested in recent years

Investors create “fever” to push prices up.

According to the market survey, real estate prices are now about 15% higher than the same period last year. Many projects are being priced at a higher price than the real value. This is a wake-up call for investors.

Pushing the price at this point is mainly due to a speculative power to gain illicit profits. The easiest way is when the market has good signal and resilience.

In some real estate projects, apartment prices are assigned to distributors. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the price is often higher than the original price set by the investor from a few hundred to several million per square meter.

What do real estate experts say about virtual fever?

Tran Duc Dien, General Director of Max Real Estate JSC, said:

“Each brokerage company comes up with a different price. They even offer higher prices to get the distribution right. So a real estate product when it comes to the customer, the price is blown high makes the market lose stability. “

Distributors usually coun- ter-price consultants. When receiving a new project, these units will start to survey and evaluate the product on the basis of actual construction. From there, we can advise the selling prices to the profitable and brokerable investors and suit the demand of current customers.

However, when the market is active, they take the price strategy to compete. The fact that investors always expect to sell products with good prices.

Just to compensate for the running costs of the project, just have to say. Especially when the market evolves as good as now, the more investors “push” price.

When trading increases, speculative returns are inevitable. The main problem is to control so that the market does not grow hot and create real estate bubbles.

The state should strengthen control of the development of urban areas, persist in controlling the real estate market. With the implementation of the national housing strategy, it is necessary to balance supply and demand

Many “strange” projects from the owner to the legal.

It is not only a matter of price, the real estate market still has problems related to brand owner. The projects started by the famous units are no stranger.

The real estate market
There are many new owners, no name, or official information to verify.

New projects include: Paragon Tower (Cau Giay) of Tincom Group; Residential Complex – Tabudec Plaza Office and Service Center (Tran Phu-Ha Dong); The Garden Hill on Tran Binh street (Hanoi) with 375 apartments, and BIDhomes Golden South project with 874 apartments in Dinh Cong urban area; Aquaspring Apartment …

Through this fact can be seen, the real estate market is very exciting. The supply is increasing, the price, the number of brokers is more diversified … there are many options.

Now is the time when brokerage units will enter a new game. And that requires more “brainwashing” than action. In particular, the experts recommend, home buyers need to be more alert in this new real estate game.

So before deciding to invest in Phu Quoc or any market, investors always have to know the information carefully and get information from all mainstream sources.

It is through domestic consultants as well as foreign consultants, or authorities, to avoid crowd investment and risk exposure.

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