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Investors rent the ‘wanderers’ clearance site


Residents of the Charmington project area, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, reported that the owner used strangers with weapons to clear the ground causing many people to be injured. Sacomreal denied this.

Recently, the social network appeared a series of clips clash between the construction workers and people living in the project area clearance. According to these Facebook account holders, the incident took place at the Tan Da – Ham Tu commercial office complex (Charmington project) in Ward 10, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.

The prosecutor rent the ‘Wanderer’ pressure

Residents in the area say the incident occurred five days ago, Feb 27. Subjects bring iron to ask people to pay for the investor. Because people disagree with the handover plan, clearance as required should have happened.

Ms. Dang Kim Tuyen (No. 3 Tan Da street) said: “On February 27, dozens of young people came to the house to remove the floor above because it was part of the ownership of other people and agreed on the direction. Compensation to the investor. However, this dismantling plan does not guarantee my family’s safety so I do not agree. Things get tense then. ”

People are subjected to assault.

Ms. Tuyen is one of the households in this area have not completed the plan to compensate and these objects are required to remove the upper floor.

According to the people living here, this area has been built long ago, the same wall, the structure can not be dismantled arbitrarily, because when the impact of this house will affect the other. Such structure is very difficult to ensure the safety of the lives of many people living here.

At the end of 2017, the representative of the street people and ward police also asked the investor not to release the house without negotiating the compensation plan for the common room.

However, on February 27, dozens of young people still need to remove a scuffle, resulting in a clash that left three injured in hospital.

People reflect the young people using the weapon is a group of “wanderers” hired investors to put pressure on the people.

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Sacomreal says irrelevant

In response to this information, the owner of Sacomreal company confirmed that there is no hiring wanderers and people completely unrelated to this incident.

According to legal documents, Tan Da – Ham Tu Commercial Complex – Office Complex has been approved by the authorities of the city to approve the investment project with an area of ​​5,077 sqm for the Company. Hung Anh To implement the project.

With the above area, Hung Anh Nam Company has actively negotiated compensation, support, transfer of land use rights of 52/57 cases. Only five households remain unconvinced.

Information from Sacomreal said that in preparation for the implementation of the project, Hung Anh Nam Company signed a contract with the contractor responsible for dismantling the ground for the land and houses of the households have been compensated. usually and handed over to the company.

However, in the process of construction, contractor workers have encountered obstacles from a few households have not moved so there is the unfortunate incident, the clash between workers and households here.

Right after the incident, representative of Hung Anh Nam Company was immediately present, meeting the two sides to remove the hook on the said.

Representatives of police in Ward 10, District 5 said that the team dismantled the ground without contacting or inform the ward police to take measures to ensure security and order.

On the issue of people claiming the use of weapons for dismantlement is the gang of Wanderers, the police are investigating the background of the relevant objects to strictly deal with the law.

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