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Investors should not miss Gem Riverside, distric 2

Gem Riverside project

The project of Gem Riverside Green Land has been causing a strong wave in the real estate market in the east since the beginning of 2018.

This article Realestatevietnam gives the reasons for the above explanation and why you should not miss Gem Riverside District 2.

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh Q2 is one of the rare projects that are hard to find, owning a series of great advantages that any investor would like to shelter the money flow.

Perspective model apartment Gem Riverside
The project of Gem Riverside project in district 2 of Dat Xanh Group


The actual share below will help you see the real value of the project, and the outstanding advantages that not many real estate projects now own. After learning the reasons below, believe that you will not be able to miss the Gem Riverside apartment, whether for the purpose of lucrative investment or permanent residence.

Of course, before the analysis and comments accurately, we will also introduce you about Gem Riverside Green Land, District 2. This is a project that was developed by Dat Xanh Group (top 10 real estate developer in Vietnam) in cooperation with General Contractor for construction design from Singapore – CGP Group, CBRE is responsible for management and operation and Vietinbank guarantees loan support.

Gem Riverside project is invested and developed by Dat Xanh
Gem Riverside project is invested and developed by Dat Xanh and prestigious units in Vietnam market

The total area of ​​the project is 6.7 hectares, located in Nam Rach Rach, An Phu Ward, District 2. The project size is 12 blocks with more than 3,000 luxury apartments for upper middle class.

The project is receiving priority deposit with a deposit of VND50 million / unit, is currently one of the projects most investors are most interested in the market in East Saigon in early 2018.

The above information has helped you to some extent about Gem Riverside Dat Xanh District 2, here are the reasons that we mentioned in the introduction of the article, the advantages of attractiveness for works.

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh’s location is really potential

Location is one of the great advantages that Gem Riverside owns, this is a very important measure as it determines the value, real quality of the real estate project. Most investors focus first on the location of the project, before deciding to buy real estate.

So, with the advantage of location, Gem Riverside has quickly scored and caught the eye of many professional investors.

The location of Gem Riverside
The location of Gem Riverside is considered to be very potential

Specifically, the project is located in the South Rach Chiec planning area, the area is emerging as alcohol since the government approved the plan. This is an urban area adjacent to the Thu Thiem urban area – new special economic zones, new financial and administrative center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Land fund in South Rach Chiec is still growing rapidly with no signs of cooling down, because it belongs to the heart of the East, just near the important intersections of the city, just near the state administrative agencies, medium Fully equipped facilities of the area … and especially the environment is still very fresh, cool, romantic.

It can be said that after two successful projects are Lakeview City of Novaland and Palm City of Keppel land, Gem Riverside is the project that owns the last land fund of Nam Rach Chiec. This is clearly the advantage that land prices in this house can not reduce heat, but increasingly tend to increase.

Gem Riverside project
From the Gem Riverside project you easily connect and move to the important functional areas of District 2 of the city

In addition to the above factors, the project location is also highly regarded as having two sides adjacent to the river, adjacent to a range of city-class facilities, such as Rach Chiec sports complex 222 ha, Sai GonSports City serves Sea Game 31, the system of international schools, key roads.

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh apartment’s price is most attractive market:

You have updated the reference price of Gem Riverside, if not, do not shock, because the starting price in the first phase that Dat Xanh Group applied really very attractive, from only VND33 million / sqm to VND40 million / sqm.

Investors who have never worked with Dat Xanh, would be surprised, but for those who have ever cooperated, buying and selling houses with investors, we believe that you will not feel confused.

On the market today, we can say Green Land is one of the most “real estate” development units, when selling their apartments, real estate at lower prices than the market, but the quality always reach the upper row … and in particular, the projects that Dat Xanh investment, all possessed huge potential for price increase.


The Gem Riverside project has attractive prices
The Gem Riverside project has attractive prices

That is why investors want to pour capital into the project of this unit, so that the flow of money to proliferate quickly, but still ensure safety. Gem Riverside District 2, too, is always interested investors, and welcome to know that the price can not be more friendly.

Compared with the market price of VND45 million / sqm or more, the figure below VND38 million / sqm (including VAT) of the land Green Gem is a great advantage, which you should consider to seize the opportunity.

Please contact us with your wishes and requirements, we will advise you the apartment best suited to your needs and finance.

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Investors should not miss Gem Riverside, distric 2

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