Is Serenity Sky Villas just for the upper class?

Located in the heart of District 3, 45 Serenity Sky Villas is designed in the style of exclusive villa, exclusive to the elite.

Who is Serenity Sky Villas’s customer?

The Serenity Sky Villas project, with 17 floors, consists of 45 villas, styled from traditional villa designs that are famous in many countries around the world. With the villa is not limited, located in the heart of District 3, this project has many values ​​in terms of location. Therefore, the price at Serenity Sky Villas is worth the same as the value that it brings.

Reception hall at Serenity Sky Villas

Reception hall at Serenity Sky Villas

The Serenity Sky Villas project is receiving a lot of attention from customers in the upper classes of Saigon and Hanoi. The clients of the Serenity Sky Villas are all financially successful and cherish peaceful rhythms with shady trees in the heart of the crowded city center.

Serenity Sky Villas is located in the “villa village”, where there are many villas with diverse architecture such as neoclassical Baroque, Rococo and French late 19th century.

Modern and ancient architecture surrounds the Serenity Sky Villas project, intertwined with the old green trees, creating the highlight in the heart of urban prosperity. The owners of Serenity Sky Villas will not only have strong financial potential, but also the people who love the old Saigon lifestyle. Many overseas Vietnamese living far away from home are also target customers at Serenity Sky Villas. The Serenity Sky Villas air-condominium allows owners to find familiar feelings in nostalgic living spaces.

Serenity Sky Villas

Overview of SonKim Land’s Serenity Sky Villas project

District 3, which is home to many ancient villas with the sound of Indochina. Situated in this historic space, Serenity Sky Villas offers residents a unique experience blending past and present. At Serenity Sky Villas, residents can immerse themselves in the modern spill pool at their own villa and enjoy the colorful, tiled roofs hidden under the meadow for hundreds of years old.

District 3 is also considered as a convenient residential area, especially for foreign experts. Among the central districts, District 3 is home to a large number of consulates, non-governmental organizations, international school systems, shopping centers as well as restaurants, cafés Luxury chocolates. This is also an important factor determining the customer of the Serenity Sky Villas project. For the community of senior foreign experts who are interested in the convenience of moving to the workplace, utilities and living environment, the Serenity Sky Villas project perfectly meets the requirements.

Each villa at Serenity Sky Villas owns a private pool

Each villa at Serenity Sky Villas owns a private pool

Overview Serenity Sky Villas Project

  • Investor: Serenity Sky Villas Joint Stock Company – Under SonKim Land
  • Project location: 259 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
  • Model house address: 251 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
  • Total area: 1,505sqm, construction density: 55%
  • Number of apartments: 45 sky villa. Previous block: 17 floors, following block: 12 frequencies
  • Duration of ownership: Vietnamese: permanent. Foreigners: 50 years
  • Construction plan;
  • Foundation, pile: Quarter 4.2016
  • Stage of construction: Quarter 4.2016 – Quarter 3.2018
  • Expected Completion: Quarter 3.2018 (Hand over: Quarter 4.2018)
  • Contractors and consultants
  • Architectural design – Urbnarc
  • Interior Design – Urbnarc
  • Landscape Design – SALA Design Group
  • Structural design: ICIC
  • Volume consultant: WT Partnership Vietnam

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