It Cannot Believe That The Street-Front House Has No Buyers

Renting a street- front house is a money picking and always expensive, but lately, it is falling into poor condition, no visitors ask.

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The old stuff has the phrase “the street side, father to big” to see the importance of home frontage. In today’s world, this statement is true only if you own a house on the street only, its owner can completely eat so much. But perhaps no one would have guessed that there was also a golden day of street house decline, many unpolluted, although rents fell.

The campaign reclaims pedestrian sidewalks as street-side houses down the shelves

Beginning January 16, 2017, Ho Chi Minh City officially launched a campaign to reclaim pedestrian sidewalks, then quickly spread to other cities across the country. Accordingly, foreclosures are not allowed to encroach on pedestrian sidewalks, including stalls, roofs, and even out-of-doors parking. This regulation is welcomed by many people in the community, but for households in the street, side business is indeed a very inadequate solution.

house street side

The campaign reclaims the sidewalk to lose the parking space of the facade

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thoa, the owner of a blanket store on Nguyen Trai Street, said that before the pavement is still used for car customers, now narrowed down to only a small row, out of the line will be fine, collected vehicles. Therefore, the number of visitors to her shop dropped a lot. Many visitors come to buy goods, but saw a few cars parked in front of the door and then hesitated to turn to other stores because they do not know where to park.

While revenue has declined drastically, other costs such as rent, utility bills and staff salaries have not diminished, causing many homeowners to abandon their homes to find homes. In the alley, the rent is softer. A lot of shop front face into the scene, everyone is afraid and expecting when the campaign reclaimed the sidewalk less fierce to dare to invest again. Renting a facade as well as buying and selling suddenly fell – which no one thought was possible.

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house street side

Many stores fall into poor rents

Is the front-house time out?

Many questions have been raised around this issue. Is the front-house time out? Are people switching to online sales or selling online today? But no, the majority of people still believe that this decline is likely to last for a while.

The campaign to reclaim the sidewalk had previously been done in many countries, but after a few years the “cat had returned”, functional forces could not all day cover the sidewalks, shop owners would have a way. To rent the sidewalks to their customers, or use some tricks that only insiders understand to continue their business purpose.

house street side

Then one day, the street vendor will definitely come back

In addition, the layout of parking for business shops is indispensable, their business has developed, the economy can be sustainable. The reclamation campaign in Vietnam is still rigid and inadequate, and then the authorities and authorities will have a way of stabilizing, rearranging the parking lot, and of course the street side parking lot. The wider the rent will be higher.

Certainly, business households still prefer home frontage, and the owners of these homes are still looking forward to the day so orderly can repeat the same, so that the street side can be hot again and much sought after.

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