It Is Failed To Renovate Old Apartment, It Is Easy To Give  ‘Land Gold’ For Businesses

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, Head of Legislation Department, Hanoi People’s Council, put the matter at the meeting of the Hanoi People’s Council meeting on the situation, tasks of socio-economic development, budget revenue and expenditure of Hanoi from afternoon August 1.

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“Renovation of an old apartment is a problem that TP must have solutions, but if we are too easy to create conditions for investors to build urban areas, apartments in the” land of gold ” It is difficult to call for investors to renovate old condominiums, “Nam said.

According to Nam, in the process of development, Hanoi has built many beautiful streets but so far has not resolved the problem of renovating the old apartment. This is very urgent people, many old apartment buildings built before 1960, in this war becomes old, sloppy.

“Although there have been many resolutions before Hanoi, resolutions have been issued to address this issue, including Resolution 17 to materialize the Capital Law on specific mechanisms for Hanoi to appeal to investors. Renovation of old apartment buildings, but progress is very slow. We have reviewed the conditions and mechanisms of Resolution 17, it is not applied TP or the city is not enough to call, convince investors, “said Nam.

Renovation of old apartment

Many old condominiums built before 1960, in the war now become old, sloppy

According to Mr. Nam, investors have the potential to land mainly for projects in the land but do not really want to participate in renovating the old apartment. This is a problem that TP must have solutions, if the city is too easy to create conditions for investors to build urban areas, the apartment in the gold land is difficult to call Call them to renovate the old apartment.

Additional explanation about this content, Deputy Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen The Hung said: The renovation of the old apartment building is the most important is the harmony, interest of the three parties are the State, enterprises and people. people. This issue has been implemented in Hanoi many years but the results have not been achieved much.

“Hanoi is implementing the planning of the capital, including reducing the population, controlling the height of architecture in the core area of the city. Meanwhile, most of the old apartments are in the inner city. The planning is under control, the real estate market freezes, so the renovation of an old apartment for many years is very difficult to implement, “Hung explained.

Mr. Hung said that the Hanoi People’s Committee has discussed this problem but the proposed solution does not solve the root of the problem. Therefore, Hanoi People’s Committee has delayed time to submit special mechanism to renovate the old apartment in Hanoi to Hanoi People’s Council at the next meeting.

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