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It Is Not As Difficult As You Think To See Feng Shui Housing Yourself

View feng shui houses

Sometimes you do not need feng shui master, you can also view feng shui houses for your family if you read the tutorial below.

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When referring to feng shui houses, many people only think to see Feng Shui houses by age to build houses, buy houses or renovate old houses without knowing feng shui many other factors. Having the help of a feng shui master is something everyone wants, but not always. So, Vietnam Real Estate will guide you through some simple feng shui tips to help you read some basic standards in the field.

View feng shui houses outside the house

Feng shui houses outside the ceramic house have feng shui elements around the house, entrance, fence, yard and shape of the house.

– Feng shui elements around the house: When choosing to buy a house, if there is a large building that is right in front of the house, there is a direct line to the door, or opposite the door of the river, ponds, pagodas have a bad influence on the atmosphere of your home.

– The entrance of the house: Ensure ventilation to air circulation, when the entrance to the house with garbage or obstruction must quickly clean up. In front of the main gate should not grow large canopy trees that require frequent pruning or construction of too many lampposts, this feng shui housing will make the owner meet financial difficulties.

View feng shui houses
Entrance to the house should be airy

– The fence of the house: According to the traditional view of feng shui houses, fences should not be too high or too low, nor too close to the house will create a sense of urgency. The fence should not have the spearhead design pointing to your home or other people’s home will cause many inconveniences to human life.

– Feng Shui: The front yard can be expanded, planted with many trees but not too deep will make the house is built in, the gas field is difficult to access. The backyard should not be too large and should be kept secret.

– The shape of the house: The square or rectangular house is the best in viewing feng shui houses, however, if the letter L or other shapes have a corner, then they must be overcome by mirrors. The number of floors of the house also needs to harmonize with the surrounding space, not too high will create a sense of security, easy to be ignored people, look; It is too low to be short, the hard work of development.

View feng shui inside the house

Includes feng shui door view and layout of rooms in the house.

– Feng shui portal and main door: The main door is not facing the window, back door, toilet, sharp angle because the air from the main entrance will be washed away. Should build the main door to pull in when not out when pulled out when entering. Keeping the main door clear, clean is a very necessary work in the view of house Feng Shui.

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– Living room: Located at the main door, full of light and no beams in between. The shape of the living room should be rectangular and carefully furnished as this is the whole face of the house.

View feng shui houses
The living room is the face of the house, which has a certain influence on the health and well-being of the homeowner

– Bedroom: It is not advisable to book a bedroom near the kitchen, near or under the toilet, which is not good for health. Do not place the mirror next to the bed.

– Kitchen: Do not place kitchen near the toilet because bacteria will fly into the food is very harmful to health. The kitchen is not facing the main entrance or too close to the bedroom.

– Divine Room: Special attention should be paid when viewing feng shui houses. The breathing room should not be located close to the access path, near the stove, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, top of the cabinet or facing the mirror.

– Baths, toilets: Should be located in the sand direction and avoid the beautiful location of the house. Keeping clean, airy toilets will be good for the health of the whole family.

The above are some basic rules when watching feng shui housing, obviously, it is not as hard as you think, right? If you find this post helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends!

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