It Is Not Difficult To Build ‘Green’ Your Home

Ever since trees have been used by many people for their liveliness as well as contributing to the cool atmosphere of their dear home.

However, not everyone can bring green trees into their living space, especially with small apartments and townhouses. In addition, the lack of much natural light is one of the factors that make it more difficult to bring trees into the house.

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However, the difficulty of the area, the lack of natural light has been resolved thoroughly in recent years, when the demand for a greening of apartments became more popular, the green architecture, The “green” apartment becomes a trend.

There are many companies specialized in providing green home design and construction services for you to choose from. But if you want to build a small flower garden yourself, decorate the lively green space for your living space is not necessarily too difficult. You only need to be aware of the following notes that you have been able to do so.

Selecting the appropriate location

build 'green' your home

Taking advantage of the large glass door, Phu Hoang Anh apartment owner has selected the appropriate bowls to highlight the lively green in the space of luxury and modern life.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you want to create a piece of green plastic stretching live inside your small living space is to choose the right place. The ideal location is the balcony, where the maximum light and natural breezes help the plants to get good photosynthesis. With apartments without balcony, the natural glazed windows are the right place. In addition, the drying yard is also an ideal pole position that you should not ignore.

Selecting  the appropriate varieties

Depending on your preference you can choose different varieties of ornamental plants. However, you should also seek advice from garden owners to get the best options for green building in your home. Each plant has different growth and vitality, so choosing the right variety of plants will help you do not spend too much time on care.

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build 'green' your home

These bags are used to create three cool green trees.

Selecting the appropriate plant pots

Once you have chosen the right place, the right varieties, the rest is that you will choose the appropriate pots and flasks. There are many types of pots that you can choose from. Plastic pots, earthen pots, hangers, manholes, floor type. In addition, you can also choose fabric bags hanging trees being very popular today.

The iron bar, the B40 barrier and the small plastic pipes are the things you can choose to create your own intelligent gardening system. These are also items used by many people to make clean vegetable gardens in the heart of the city in recent years.

build 'green' your home

Once you have chosen the right place, the right varieties, the rest is you will choose the appropriate pots and cotton.

In addition, you can also choose the “green” apartments in the project apartment surrounded by lush green landscape to enjoy a modern life but close to nature. As the apartments under the project Lexington Residence (District 2), Green View (District 7), Tropic Garden (District 7) has allocated and attracted many residents to live; Or projects to be completed in the future such as River City (District 7), Opal Garden project (Thu Duc district), Sunrise Residence project (District 7), …

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