It is sure when investors invest Sunshine Marina

Sunshine Marina Bay Apartments guarantees clients a solid legal status and is one of the rare property projects that investors have rated as secure when down payment.

Sunshine Marina has legal transparency, long-term ownership

Experts in the field of land that has identified the market after surveying all aspects of the real estate market in Vietnam has said that the profit of real estate investment in Vietnam brought not less than 20%. These are the reasons to attract them to participate in the real estate market in Vietnam.

In 2018, the real estate market will still be one of the most potential investment channels. In particular, the segment of real estate products and coastal resorts are attracting a lot of attention of investors. For the entrepreneur, sophisticated investors who are quick to source their financial resources are always the top targets in the investment plan.

Sunshine Marina Bay Nha Trang

 Sunshine Marina is a safe product for every investor to own

However, many projects that have legal uncertainty have become a barrier that many investors have to think about. Legal disputes have been heightened as many owners of apartments flatly voiced their lack of transparency in terms of ownership, ownership duration and not handing over the red book in accordance with the commitments made. copper.

Sunshine Marina is not only managed and operated by a professional international management unit, ensuring the quality of 5- star standard. Products in the project ensure the owner of the apartment will not need to spend time, effort but still enjoy a steady passive income. In the case of customers not participating in the rental commitment program, it is still possible to set up a business for rent and use as a condominium.

In addition, the project is also long-term ownership and unit formation. So that their owners will have permanent ownership as a real estate property that can be traded, transferred, inherited … Without encountering any obstacles.

The Location of Sunshine Marina

 Sunshine Marina is located on the front of Tran Phu street of Nha Trang city

According to the law, foreigners will be entitled to own the apartment for a period of 50 years. This minimizes legal risks as well as guarantees long-term benefits for investors.

Sunshine Marina has the potential to increase the price significantly thanks to the advantage of location, unique design, perfect service utilities … more beietj in case investors can still withdraw funds immediately ie without buried capital as other projects.

Sunshine Marina owns a prime location at 32 Tran Phu Street – Nha Trang. This is the only project that owns 4 expensive facades on the Tran Phu road, which makes it convenient for traffic and landscape clearance, but also one of the few vacation projects. Accommodation in Nha Trang with 100% view of the sea.

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang - a luxury apartment,

 Sunshine Marina – ideal for customers to choose for their stay

This is the dominant advantage of the project when the real estate market resort in Nha Trang is now extremely scarce, there are projects full sea view and mainly the sea view partial view or not sea view.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the Sunshine Marina project has promised to become a good choice for investors in the context of the real estate market in general and real estate resorts in coastal tourism in particular. is becoming more exciting, hotter than ever.

Detailed information about the Sunshine Marina project such as price, price, sales policy as well as incentives. Interested customers please contact our hotline today to receive our detailed, specific advice.

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