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It Is Too Hard To Do Green Building

Green building

Must comply with strict standards of design, construction, environment, building materials … and investment capital increase, but the price competition has led investors to shrink.

Need to do

Climate change is a global problem. The cause of this is due to lack of green. In Ho Chi Minh City, the density of trees is less than 1sqm / person and in Hanoi is 3.02 sqm/person. Meanwhile, the rate of trees in the countries around the world is very high: Singapore 30.3sqm / person, Korea 41 sqm/person, Germany 50 sqm/person, France 25sqm / person …

“The green environment, green building solutions or green buildings are gradually becoming known as an indispensable option for responding to the current state of urban concrete. Green building is one of the solutions to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, addressing issues related to the living environment of residents in the area, “said Ms. Luu Thi Thanh Mau. , General Manager Phuc Khang Corporation said.

Green building
Diamond Lotus Riverside is LEED standard in District 8.

Mrs. Green said that green buildings are designed, built and operated in a way that is efficient and user-friendly, reducing the environmental impact and providing long-term economic benefits.

However, in Vietnam the number of green buildings is very rare. According to GreenViet, in 2010-2011, Vietnam has only two green buildings. In 2012 – 2013 achieved 15 works. By 2016, more than 40 projects will be certified for green building.

Unlike the rest of the world, green buildings in Vietnam are rare in residential areas and apartments. In more than 40 projects received green building certificates up to 2016 – 2017, there are 15 factories, 10 office projects and 6 residential and apartment projects.

In our country, three green building rating systems have been put into use: US LEED, Lotus of Vietnam and BCA Green Mark of Singapore. In particular, the LEED system is considered to be the most demanding standard. Specifically, projects that reach 40 to 49 points will achieve LEED Green certification, 50 to 59 points will be LEED Silver certification, 60 to 79 points to LEED Gold certification and over 80 points to LEED Platinum certification.

Green building
The Diamond Lotus Riverside project has received a lot of attention but the construction has been challenging.

Melissa Merry Weather, Chairman of the Green Building Council of Vietnam, said that the LEED certification of the US is recognized around the world, assessed for the project from the stage of design, construction and operation. LEED aims to improve efficiency, save energy, drainage efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition to LEED, Vietnam has its own Lotus evaluation system developed by the Vietnam Green Building Council. Lotus also has four levels: Lotus Green (40%), Lotus Silver (55%), Lotus Gold (65%) and Lotus Platinum (75%). Lotus evaluates based on criteria such as energy efficiency and water use, sustainable materials, waste and pollution reduction, health promotion and comfort, and community development.

“Green building is a trend in the world but Vietnam is still very new. However, it is gradually raising awareness, changing the thinking of society about the importance of environmental protection and saving resources. Vietnamese developers and construction companies are very active in the development of green buildings, “said Melissa Merry Weather.

It’s hard to do

In our country, Phuc Khang is the pioneer in building the green building. More than a year ago, Phuc Khang announced the LEED Diamond Lotus Riverside project and Diamond Lotus Lake View standard Lotus. Up to now, the implementation of construction has met many challenges.

Truong Anh Tu, Business Development Director of Phuc Khang Corporation, said that in order to achieve LEED certification, items must be scored such as the use of environmentally-friendly building materials, locally produced. The quality of the indoor air must be spontaneous and comfortable in terms of heat, daylight, wide viewing. Innovative design with a high application and reduced power consumption.

Green building
The Diamond Lotus Lake View project meets the Lotus standard in Tan Phu.

“The development of green buildings has increased the cost of investment such as the need to hire more design consulting and construction companies in accordance with green standards, change the building materials and design in accordance with green standards … Time investment and Legal procedures are more complicated than ordinary projects. The market and output have not enough information on this new product, “said Tu.

Business Development Director of Phuc Khang Corporation added that over the past year the company had to study the feasibility and then analyze the investment according to the LEED standard. “There are things that are very simple but difficult to implement and costly,” Tu said.

For example, prevention of pollution from construction activities, water use for landscaping, planning construction air quality management, controlling tobacco smoke to the environment, reducing light pollution … has increased the cost of Phuc Khang Corporation by 3 – 7%. Meanwhile, apartment prices cannot rise correspondingly because of competition in the market.

“All of this will increase 3-5% of the occupational productivity of the apartment user and reduce the risk of illness. At the same time, reduce 30 – 50% of water resources and artificial energy. Reduce operating and maintenance costs by about 15%. In addition, access to natural resources such as sunlight, wind … will help residents reduce mold in the environment and improve people’s health, “said Tu.

Nguyen Ba Duong, Chairman and CEO of CotecCons, said that the Diamond Lotus Riverside project had many initial difficulties in accessing high-tech construction. All design, construction and operation procedures are subject to strict supervision by the LEED standard, which is unique and unlike any other CotecCons project.

Green building
Green building has many advantages but the construction must follow the strict standards to stop investors.

“This package, CotecCons has been thoroughly prepared everything. Diamond Lotus Riverside is not only a landmark of District 8 but also a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City in the future, “said Duong.

According to Nguyen Cong Thinh, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Construction, green buildings in Vietnam still have many barriers due to a professional capacity of technical experts in this field is limited.

“We do not yet have a specific incentive scheme for energy-saving and green-certified buildings. The involvement of credit institutions, support from energy savings funds is limited. At the same time, there is no incentive or compulsory certification for green building certification, “Thinh said.

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