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Kenton Node Apartment – Modern Living Styles

Kenton Node Aparrtment

Kenton Node Apartment is a real estate project of the District 7 real estate market. The project is trendy in design from the style of the building to the architecture of the project.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex District 7 builds on the idea of a modern life. Same clean airy space. It aims to give people the best life possible. The Kenton Node apartment is a typical project for the modern living.

Kenton Apartments and high towers

The Kenton Node apartment project was built in the center of the city. The total area is nearly 11 hectares with 9 towers. There are more than 3000 apartments with the most modern and stylish design. From the outside, the charm and style of the project are evident. The luxury space inside the apartments is a great place if we live there.

Kenton Node Apartment
The high towers of Kenton apartment district 7

Inside the apartment, you can see the city outside. Space is extremely worth living. High towers are built among the project. According to the design, utility services will be served by the project. Promising to bring customers the most modern life with convenient services inside the Kenton apartment project in District 7. All interiors of the project are modernly designed. Space science in harmony.

Kenton District 7 – modern apartment interiors

Interior is a factor of concern for the apartment. Come to Kenton apartment spacious living space, the color scheme of the apartment with the color of the interior. The fine, harmonious combination creates a modern living space. All interior furnishings of the project are individually designed. Create a new imprint for the architecture of the apartment. All the space and rooms inside the apartment are studied.

Kenton Node Apartment
Modern space with scientific interior decoration

Arrange for the most scientific, help to live in the apartment is not only comfortable but also health. Kenton real estate project is District 7 apartment project with new ideas and designs unique architectural space that the current apartment projects are not available.

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Kenton apartment green space beside utility services

Kenton real estate project in District 7 is a housing project combined with a wide range of services. This is the combination that makes up the highlight of the project. Kenton Apartment District 7 is also green, the entire space of the project is filled with trees. To create the most peaceful space, besides, there are projects on the type of service.

Large swimming pool between the apartments with greenery

These services meet the needs of people living in the apartment. The project also has a marina and luxury restaurants. A marina next to the apartment, which is attractive for tourists. Every weekend they can go to their family vacation without going anywhere. It can be said Kenton apartment District 7 is a place worth living in today’s modern life.

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