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Kenton Node Project – The Proud Of South Sai Gon

Kenton Node project is a continental product designed and developed by Asia’s Top Experts. It is able to meet all of the customers’ expectations.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex Project is a product of Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Company with the building density of 13.1% and the construction area of over 9 hectares in South Saigon. The project is drawing the standard elements about a luxury apartment in Vietnam. It is only 5 km from the center of the city. The rest of the project is equipped with green ecological landscape system, swimming pool. This is a product that is able to form a community of the most luxurious residents in South Saigon.

It is situated in the prime location of Saigon South, get the favor and bring the spirit of green paradise along with the unique and modern designs. These are the highlights of the Kenton Node project in District 7

The owner is enthusiastic and eager to create a high-class and modern architecture, at the same time it is still harmonious and close to nature. To cope with changing the climate and rising the sea level, the developer has designed the ground-floor of blocks with landscapes higher than 5 meters from road surface of Nguyen Huu Canh Street. This factor brings peace of mind to residents of Kenton Node Hotel Complex. On the other hand, the ground floor will create a hanging garden with a dense density of trees – an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful life and relax after a hard day’s work and study.

Besides, with the desire to bring nature to life, the investor has designed a pool of up to 2,500 square meters and water slides that run around the building, combined with the green density of 5sqm/person. Kenton Node Hotel Complex has created an ideal environment and improved the air quality when the temperature in the residential area will be reduced from 2-3 Celsius. In addition, the design of the basement is 4 ha, it will well serve the residents in the project with the commercial center facility.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex is located in the high-end residential area of Saigon South where is the intersection of two main roads: Nguyen Huu Tho Street and Nguyen Van Linh Street. The project is also next to Phu My Hung new urban area, high-class golf course, FV Hospital, RMIT University and luxury apartment buildings. This place will become a new urban area, spacious and community residents with high intellectuals.

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Utilities of Kenton Node project are highlight and attract a large number of customers

A wide variety of services and facilities are within easy reach of Kenton Note Hotel Complex

+ The large swimming pool with an area of 2,500sqm including 2 adult pools and 6 children pools;

+ Community room for customers during the holidays, where residents can organize the parties;

+ Outdoor BBQ area near the romantic streams and waterfalls;

+ Hanging garden on the island, right in the middle of the lake where you can relax and read books;

+ Runway with single and double beams are very convenient to both relax and do exercise.

+ Shopping center where you can go shopping with two large supermarkets focused on famous brands;

+ International polyclinic that provides health care to all residents;

+ Gym, beauty salon, entertainment,…

Especially, the parking lots ensure adequate supply for every apartment. Parking towers have an automatic card-driven system, this is a new technology applied in developed countries such as Japan, Korea …

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Kenton Node Project – The Proud Of South Sai Gon
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