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King Bay Whether There Is Investment Plan To Welcome The Good Infrastructure In Nhon Trach?

King Bay project

After a series of infrastructure projects in Nhon Trach was kicked off, it was thought that the King Bay project had met the infrastructure here and would be a potential project worth investing. Does King Bay really do it well, please join us for analysis.

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Potential for infrastructure development in Nhon Trach

2017 is the year of real estate projects in the coastal areas, especially Dong Nai, which is considered to be an area with rapid urbanization and increasingly perfect infrastructure. More specifically, the Nhon Trach land area is sufficiently stocked enough for the development of real estate projects.

Recently, the Government has approved projects to build the Beltway 3 and District 9 bridges. It is expected that the project will start in 2018. These are two extremely significant projects promising to solve the difficult problem of the past ten years in the connection between Ho Chi Minh City and Nhon Trach. Time to travel from Nhon Trach to Ho Chi Minh City will be greatly reduced, only about 20 minutes ride.

Along with that, Nhon Trach’s internal traffic is also being invested and expanded. Specifically, roads such as 25B Road, Ly Thai To Street, 25C Street (linking Nhon Trach and Long Thanh International Airport) … Combined with existing transportation routes will help to move from this area. to the neighboring easy, convenient. Especially, Long Thanh international airport will be a boom for this land to be aroused and bright.

King Bay project
Perspective of King Bay project

All these conditions have been and will help Nhon Trach develop into a key economic area of the Northeast and is the new satellite city of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the location of three rivers and the front of the Ring Road helps to make the place more beautiful feng shui.

In the condition of the urban land fund is gradually narrow, urban life smoke and dust makes many people feel stuffy, the new trend is a peaceful living space with full facilities but not too far away. The center is well received. Capturing the advantage and the trend, King Bay was born and caused great interest.

Nhon Trach’s strengths are from the Swan Bay and King Bay projects

Investors are keen on seizing opportunities. The evidence is that many projects have been formed in Nhon Trach for a long time. The new urban area of East Saigon (941 ha), Phuoc An (150 ha), Sunflower (150 ha)… In 2007-2008, Nhon Trach was the center of land fever. However, when the land fever passes and “cool down”, Nhon Trach only projects abandoned.

This makes many customers and investors puzzled. But recently with new government building decisions, a new wind is blowing into Nhon Trach. The evidence is the birth of two projects “crisis” Swan Bay and King Bay.

King Bay project
Perspective of Swan Bay project

Swan Bay is located on Ong Con Island in Nhon Trach District. This is a resort ecological resort scale over 200 hectares of villas and many other attractive facilities. With the advantage of all sides, it is convenient for transportation, Swan Bay has been warming up the real estate market in Nhon Trach.

Parallel to Swan Bay is the King Bay project, which is said to be the golden egg. King Bay is located in Long Tan Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province with a total area of 124ha. This urban area is located in a prime location with 3 sides bordering the river, not only bring fresh air but also great significance in feng shui bring money. Particularly from King Bay residents can easily move to many locations in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces through land, water and air. In the near future when the bridge is completed, the move from King Bay to Ho Chi Minh City only takes about 20 minutes.

King Bay project
Marina facility at King Bay project

In addition to location, this place is also attracted by the local amenities and utility links. In the suburbs, there will be a million dollar marina, artificial white sand beach, green park within the zone, children’s play area, shopping, restaurant, 24/24 security… It is a school, international airport, international port and market. The project has been finalized as a legal buyer who is granted a permanent pink book, Flexible payment method according to the project schedule.

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Potential investment in King Bay

District 9, Ho Chi Minh City is just a Nhon Trach Dong Nai River but now the price of District 9 is very high at about VND20-35 million / sqm depending on the location. Meanwhile, prices in Nhon Trach market are generally more reasonable. However, land prices are also increasing rapidly. Residential land is also about VND7-8 million/sqm, VND4-5 million / sqm. This is the price for normal residential land and the project land price is higher.

Most recently, Swan Bay project sold for about VND20 million / sqm. Meanwhile, King Bay with its position and utility system is not inferior to what is sold at the much lower price range from VND 7-12 million / sqm.

Swan Bay is impressively opened with 100% of shopping carts, King Bay in all respects is not inferior to anything, so we can be optimistic hope King Bay will do the same.

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