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Kitchen Furniture For Minimalist Fans

Did you know, the clean kitchen does not depend entirely on your ability to clean and clean. The minimalist interior design choice, especially the kitchen hardware interior, has made the job of “cleaning up” visually just before you start cooking.

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However, the choice of hardware for the kitchen, while maintaining the minimalist elements, is not everyone knows, and then you will tend to come up with more traditional choices and less work to install.

Holding hands and pulling the door sound good but actually not necessary at all, even the old kitchen did not even use them and still run well. In this case, interior hardware “invisible” exists as non-existent emerged as a savior. Alongside Mogi refer to some of the following kitchen hardware options.

Fasteners – 100% Stealth Kitchen Furniture

Installed inside your cabinet, the push pin is a mechanical (or magnetic) device that allows you to simply push the cabinet door open to open it. No hardware exposure and this interior device will work with any cabinet.

Kitchen furniture hardware
Push – Steering hardware interior complete set
Kitchen furniture hardware
The push pin is a mechanical (or magnetic) device that allows you to simply push the door open to open it

Integrated handles – almost impossible to see

Built-in cabinets will have a recessed edge inside the cabinet door so you can slip in and push the door towards you. The space created by this design will appear as a space between each drawer or drawer – you can emphasize with paint or metal wrap if you like.

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Kitchen furniture hardware
Integrated handle hidden inside the cabinet door
Kitchen furniture hardware
The minimalist structure of the integrated handle

Hand pull hidden – almost no one noticed

The optimum choice for drawers and cabinets under hidden hooks is attached to the door edge so that only a small piece of metal is protruding, as these pieces are completely invisible, and the “edges” are evenly spaced, very compact but extremely easy to grasp with your fingertips and pull out.

Kitchen furniture hardware
Hand pulling is hidden simple vision utopia
Kitchen furniture hardware
The “edges” on the fringe of the cabinet are structurally standard like this, many types even reach the minimalist level

The minimalist interior design of the kitchen is also a way to make your life easier and more cumbersome. Do not forget to visit Vietnam Real Estate other cool interior tips!

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