What should you know when foreigners rent an apartments?

You are intending to let your foreigners rent your apartment for a long term, but you do not know where to start and note ?

What are the conditions for foreigners to rent apartments in Vietnam?

Housing conditions for foreign organizations and individuals renting houses in Vietnam are stipulated in Articles 131, 132 and 133 of the Housing Law as follows:

On the side of the flat / house: the foreign organizations / individuals are allowed to enter Vietnam for a period of 3 consecutive months or more. In cases where the house renting party is a Vietnamese individual who is residing overseas, he / she must be a person entitled to own or lease houses in Vietnam according to the provisions of the Housing Law; If the lessee is an organization, it does not depend on the place of business registration.

Therefore, if you are planning to rent a house or rent a house, then you must pay attention to this regulation to avoid foreigners who are not qualified to rent houses in Vietnam, Time consuming and possible conflicts when the lease terminates prematurely.

On the side of the apartment / apartment landlord: According to the provisions of Article 92 of the Housing Law, the lessor must meet the following conditions: being the owner of the house, or the representative in accordance with civil law; Being an individual with full capacity for civil acts; is a rental organization with the function of leasing houses.

How do foreigners choose to rent an apartment?

In addition to the essential conditions of the apartment for rent as: full house ownership certificate; There is no dispute on the ownership or use rights of apartment buildings for renting foreigners, which must meet strict requirements on the quality of houses and safety. Inside:

The quality of the apartment for rent must match the price: The price of apartments for foreigners rent is quite high, ranging from $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 / month with apartments with 2, 3 bedrooms, Area from 90sqm- 110sqm. Generally, apartments with larger space may cost up to $ 2,000 – $ 2,500 per month. Because of the high price so the requirements of the apartment tenants are also more strict.

Foreigners tend to choose high-end apartments in Vietnam

Foreigners tend to choose high-end apartments in Vietnam

The high-end apartments have a combination of self-contained, fully integrated quality services, meet most of the living needs will be more attractive to foreigners. In addition, living space also plays an important role in the decision to rent apartments: the apartment must be clean, well managed, the large area apartments, eye-catching design, luxury furniture, luxury It will be easier to impress foreigners. If you have decided to invest in this type, boldly choose the good apartments or find professional architects to have the idea of ​​interior design help your apartment become more valuable in the eyes of foreigners.

The necessary procedures for foreigners to rent apartments

Business Registration Procedures: It is considered as a business activity for an individual (Vietnamese or foreigner) to hold a business apartment, so you must carry out procedures for business registration in the form of individual business households. In addition, you must also declare taxes such as excise taxes, personal income tax, value added tax.

Procedures for temporary residence declaration: This is the procedure required in the process of renting an apartment. Accordingly, when you rent an apartment to a foreigner, you must go to the local police office and the immigration office at the provincial / municipal police office to submit the declaration and complete the formalities.

Procedures for registration of tax codes: After obtaining the business registration certificate, the lessor of the apartment must register the tax code.

Procedures for buying retail invoices: Because they are not legal entities, the business households need to make the procedures for buying / selling invoices directly at the Tax Department.

In addition, individual business households must complete the procedures for the issuance of certificates of eligibility for security and order and the confirmation of apartments qualified for fire prevention and fighting can rent apartments.

Contracts for rent of apartments for foreigners

The procedures for house leasing transactions are stipulated in Article 93 of the Housing Law as follows:

  • The parties directly or through their representatives agree on the lease.
  • The lease contract must show the following contents: Name and address of the parties; describe characteristics of housing; rent and method of payment; delivery time of rental houses; limit time for hiring; rights and obligations of the parties; commitment of the parties; Other agreements; the date of signing the lease contract; Signatures of the parties (if it is an organization, it must be stamped and clearly stating the position of the signatory).
  • Condominium lease contracts must be certified by a notary office except in the following cases: Individuals who rent houses for less than 6 months; The house renting party is an organization which has the function of dealing in houses.

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