La Astoria Apartment District 2 With Modern Living Styles

Life is increasingly modern, people work more not only to feed themselves and their families but the ultimate goal is to get an apartment – where we feel comfortable after every day of study and work. An apartment with full facilities and modern to enjoy all the fun in life is what everyone dream.

Location right at the Giong Ong River brings a sense of peace, relaxation.

Nowadays, the economy is growing and the urbanization is getting faster. The more difficult for people to find a living space in the heart of this bustling, crowded city. It is a pity if you do not know about La Astoria.

Why is it called La Astoria and maybe you do not know after this name is a story, is a dream of the builder on it. “Astoria in the state of New York is a land of modern beauty in the heart of nature is extremely romantic when built on the beautiful East river. On the occasion of my work at Astoria, I almost fell asleep at this place when I was able to live and enjoy the atmosphere of freshness and purity that dissolved the sorrows of life.

Coming back in Vietnam after the trip, I faced skyscrapers, unstoppable cars and the oppressiveness of this prosperous, prosperous land. Where I live is no shortage of beautiful homes but to find a place like Astoria is a luxury. I worry more about my dreamland in this Saigon area. It is the dream that is the motivation and determination to create a miniature version of beautiful land Astoria in the heart of the city with the desire to bring real value of life for myself and others. That is the story behind the name La Astoria and is also the biggest motivation for the owner can create it.

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La Astoria is a prime location for the intersection of bustling centers

In addition to the cool, fresh air in this area, La Astoria is also conveniently located:

– Right in front of Nguyen Duy Trinh Street and the road to Long Thanh International Airport.

– Nearly the Big C supermarket, Metro, Lotte mart.

– Near the hospital District 2, ACG International School, bookstore.

– The road to downtown and neighboring districts is extremely convenient, easy.

Everything becomes easy if you choose La Astoria. You will take best care of your family from eating, health, entertainment without worried about distance because all services are located next to your apartment.

La Astoria District 2

Location La Astoria District 2

An Gia Hung is the owner of the La Astoria project – buying peace of mind for customers.

An Gia Hung is a joint stock company operating professionally in the field of real estate. With the desire to create high quality buildings, providing comfortable living space for young families who do not have much accumulation. An Gia Hung with the mission of bringing the best quality for your home and always pay attention to every step in the process of project development. La Astoria was received by An Gia Hung, so when choosing to buy La Astoria apartment customers can be completely assured about the quality of the works.

LA ASTORIA new design brings a modern living space that is unique to your home.

Highlights of the unique design of the apartment La Astoria is the area ranging from 45sqm – 61sqm with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets responded the needs of each customer. Design of the mezzanine with the ceiling is nearly 5 meters high to get light and airy space for the apartment. This special design not only gives you a new lifestyle, but also maximizes the size of your apartment. Now with a flat area not too large but still meet your needs in daily activities. Imagine if there’s a mezzanine in your home, how does it create your convenience? We can turn it into a reading room so that after hours of tiring work we come to our own knowledgeable world.

We can listen to music, or read a favorite book without affecting other family members. Or make it a nice bedroom for your dear children, or make it a place to display your clothing collections, fashion shoes. There are many ways to use this mezzanine flat depending on your decision. La Astoria is always geared towards the maximum benefit to its customers!

The price of La Astoria is no longer a question of thought.

La Astoria is aware of the majority of its customers who have high demand for housing but with limited financial resources, therefore, in the process of building and designing, architects always find the best reasonable alternatives. They pay attention to creating a living space that takes advantage of natural light, air and strives to make the buyer own a lot of space but at a competitive price. Now with a modest amount of money you can fully own a modern and comfortable apartment that is cool when La Astoria allows you to pay only a portion of the money. Banks provide periodic loan support for repayment. The price of the apartments is only $35,000 and is still being paid so many customers have decided to buy a house right after visiting the model apartment of La Astoria.

La Astoria with intelligent design and reasonable price so we have a ceiling except for anything, now buying yourself a La Astoria apartment to enjoy life.

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