LA Astoria District 2 project With Perfect Living Space

Apartments are often the same design does not bring a fresh feeling for your life. La Astoria does not follow that trend, in the midst of the many existing condominiums that are now rising in La Astoria. What is it? Here we will learn together:

La Astoria’s unique design makes it unobtrusive

La Astoria apartment with mezzanine design, unique in the market creates many conveniences for your family. This helps maximize the area of the apartment but still creates a clear space, fresh.

The design of the mezzanine with the ceiling is nearly 5 meters high not only get maximum light but also create ventilation for the apartment. Moreover, it creates a distinctive character for each apartment depending on the purpose of the customers, creating privacy especially for young families. Imagine what you could do with this mezzanine. We can turn it into a reading room or place to showcase your clothing collections, shoes or make it a lovely bedroom for your dear children.

Owner of Astoria cooperates with At Architects, a combination that brings the most perfect for your apartment.

At Architect is a well-known interior design company whose mission is to provide the Vietnamese people with beautifully furnished interiors that meet the needs of the owner. At Architect has designed furniture for many apartments of big projects such as Ehome3, city home, An Gia… With experience in working and managing large projects in and outside the country as well as design style Modern At Architect will bring absolute satisfaction to the residents of La Astoria.

You want a:

– Luxurious living room with European style?

– The bedroom is cozy and comfortable?

– Modern and airy kitchen?

– Reading room with smart design?

All you need La Astoria will satisfy you with the desire to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

The design team is very focused on the feng shui of your apartment

The La Astoria Project has spent over 40% of its space on a campus where you can mix with nature after leaving the busy, noisy city. This is where your child can enjoy playing in the fresh air where your family can gather after every meal or gathering place for the fun of your family. All are designed to bring maximum benefits to your family.

La Astoria District 2

Full facilities right at the apartment project La Astoria District 2

La Astoria brings unexpected benefits to your life

Living in a clean environment is full of comfort is the dream of many Vietnamese. You get it if you choose La Astoria! La Astoria is designed to bring airy living space, many conveniences with intelligent design. La Astoria is built with riverside runways, car holds, swimming pools, coffee grounds, kindergartens, commercial areas, walkways, movie studios, children’s pools, children’s play areas And library for children. Imagine after a stressful working day, you will be walking with your family along the walk and help your mind relax and give you good health to continue working. You will not have to go back to work and hurry to pick up your children because they are having fun, learning in the amusement park and library.

They not only learn but also participate in outdoor activities with their friends after a day of intense school study, instead of continuing to sit in your room playing violent online games. That is not good for your child’s development. La Astoria understands that and is eager to provide the best environment for your children so that they can grow healthy and smart.

Every customer is “attracted” to look at the design of intelligent living space of La Astoria

With this unique design together with extremely comfortable furniture and beside the fresh living space, the customers are very satisfied to see the design of the La Astoria apartment. An interesting statistic is that over 90% of customers visiting the project were surprised and completely satisfied with the smart design of the apartment La Astoria. At the present time, 100% of apartments opened for sale phase 1 had sold out before expected. The second phase of the sale is expected in early 2017 promises to meet more than the need to buy homes of customers.

All of La Astoria’s designs are based on the benefits of the customer and they are made to meet all the needs not just of the human being but toward the ultimate enjoyment. Let choose yourself an apartment of La Astoria to enjoy life!

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