Lakeview Against Flooding Area In East Sai Gon


On May 18, Novaland Group started the construction of lakes in Lakeview City, which is capable of regulating flood control in District 2, District 9, Thu Duc District. This is the entire East Zone of Ho Chi Minh City.

Owner Novaland is one of the few real estate business have joined hands with city agencies to invest in infrastructure to solve city problems such as traffic jams, floods, air conditioning. With this infrastructure, Novaland is aiming to stimulate demand for real estate projects such as Lakeview City.

Located in the heart of Lakeview City urban area of more than 30 hectares, this lake landscape is extremely large area up to 3.6 hectares by the Novaland Group investment built. This is the first and the largest integrated water reservoir in East Saigon, with an investment fund of $8,000,000. The landscaping in the project, Novaland wants to benefit the community, to develop sustainably and participate in solving the problem of urban flooding.

Many urban projects have been invested to build infrastructure in the near future

Typically, the urban project at Phu Dinh Port, which is over 40 hectares, will be implemented by Novaland. In order to carry out this project, Novaland Group is proposing to the city an investment plan for the construction of closed sections in Ring Road No.2. Total investment value is up to $217,000,000. This section will link the intersection between An Lap street and Nguyen Van Linh Street to about 5.3 km, helping to improve the city’s transport capacity, linking transportation routes from the western provinces to the east of the city. Helps facilitate traffic and reduces congestion for National Highway 1A. At the same time, it will help to develop economic zone in Phu Dinh port and District 8. This project will be invested in both bridge and road so it will help smooth the circulation of the area.

The potential location of Lakeview City in the heart of District 2 Ho Chi Minh

Not only Novaland big corporations such as Vingroup have also spent a huge amount of money to invest, upgrade and renovate Nguyen Huu Canh Street, expand Ung Van Khiem Street with a total investment capital of more than $480,000 when building urban Vinhome Central Park. The reason why Vingroup spends a huge amount of money is not only to attract customers, improve the quality of life for residents but also to solve the renovation and upgrading of infrastructure for the city when Nguyen Huu Canh Street was seriously subsided and submerged, traffic could not be move. The Ung Van Khiem section of the project, Binh Trieu 2 bridge section suspended for many years, should be expanded to serve the travel for everyone. And recently, Phat Dat has been approved by the city for the construction of Thu Thiem 4 bridge, which will connect Saigon South with Thu Thiem new urban area, central area. Total investment up to $217,000,000. This will also help create a platform to attract customers for River City project deployed Phat Dat company in the near future, it is estimated the company must invest about $520,000,000 to build 8000 apartments.


Infrastructures invested in parallel with real estate projects have brought Ho Chi Minh City a new, more modern face and richer.

An overview of Lakeview City Lake

Mr Le Hoang Chau, president of the Real Estate Association in HCM City, said that the 10th Party Congress of the city has set up seven key programs, there is an old program in which flood control programs and an urban refurbishment program. Therefore, the projects of corporations, real estate companies in addition to profit also contributed greatly to the community landscape through the investment in improving the infrastructure of roads and bridges.

Previously, customers, investors buying real estate, the key is buying to live, to rent. But now, when investing in real estate is investing in buying a living space, a home like a condominium, a place where long-term investment is profitable. It forces developers to upgrade their projects to meet their customers’ needs better. Especially when the law changes, foreigners have the right to own real estate in Vietnam.

The Lakeview City project of the Novaland Group has a 3.6 hectares lake area, 60% of the green area and welfare facilities that provide an ideal living space for the residents.

Speaking specifically about the Lakeview City project of the Novaland Group, the landscape lake is 3.6 hectares wide, 60% of the green area and welfare facilities bring an ideal living space for the people. Climate change has had a great impact on Ho Chi Minh City, particularly droughts and floods, which are becoming more serious and complex. The best and most inevitable solution is to build a harmonized landscape tank. When the hot dry season lasts, the lake will create cool air for the area, increase moisture, reduce diseases. Or when heavy rain lasts, the lake assumes the role of regulating water, reducing water logging in the East of the city. Although Lakeview City’s Lake Novaland is the first lake in the city but in future it will be expanded to new towns.

The construction of a 3.6 hectares lake has brought a huge difference to Lakeview City. This is a synchronous, comprehensive project, concentrated in the eastern part of the city at this time. The project is designed and built by leading companies in Japan and Korea, with the highest technology creating unique features for Lakeview City. Bringing a green space, the best natural living space for residents here.

For more information, please contact the Project Sales Department directly at Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 (24/7). Thank you.

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